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YouTube sentation Kay to get into the ring with Haylo Boxing

The moment that Frazier Khattri wakes up, he begins working. That is part of being a social media influencer, you are always, in a way, on the clock. But that is what Khattri loves about what he does, planning and strategizing for the next success story. His determination, talent, and work ethic have allowed him to rise to the top, becoming a household name as ‘Kay’ to many all over the world, known for his fast-paced and hilarious videos with his brother Jarvis.

“It feels great to have reached this level of success. I never expected our channels to grow this far. Recently I have tried to slow down a bit and appreciate what we have achieved over the last few years,” says Kay.

Kay has over 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 2 billion views. He spent four years as a leading member of one of the most watched media organizations in the world, FaZe Clan, and even ran their YouTube channel for several months, greatly contributing to its unparalleled growth. He has collaborated with many iconic international brands such as Atlantic Records as brand ambassador, Apple Music, Beats Headphones, KFC, Verizon, and more. He has a combined total of over 4 million followers on social media, and yet, with all of this extraordinary success, he deems helping his brother grow his own brand as the highlight of his impressive career.

“I am proudest of growing my brother's YouTube channel and allowing him to earn a living from making videos just like me. This culminated in Jarvis winning his first boxing match in front of a packed stadium of tens of thousands of people in Miami in June 2021. That was the highlight for me so far,” says Kay.

Jarvis recently entered the realm of influencer boxing and has already seen incredible results. For Kay, this was his own success, and he is now working on securing a 7 figure multi-fight deal with Haylo Boxing for himself. They have also offered him an ambassador deal, which will entail attending the fights and perhaps even commentating for the brand.

“It's a crazy industry. Hardly anyone has fought before so nobody knows what is going to happen in the fights. It makes it super exciting to watch for the fans. The fact that everyone is familiar with the personality of the fighters makes it way more engaging,” says Kay.

It was Jarvis’ passion for the sport that first brought Kay into it. When his brother decided to take his first fight, Kay wanted to educate himself on the intricacies of boxing to help him prepare. He was blown away by the intensity of it and also saw a great opportunity when it came to content, sharing Jarvis’ journey and giving their fans something new to take interest in.

“I found the emerging space to be very interesting. YouTubers like KSI and Jake Paul demonstrated that there was a huge market for influencer boxing and that fans were interested. When Jarvis got offered his first fight, I had no choice but to get involved and make sure he was taking it seriously. There is huge potential in these events and I believe this is just the beginning for it. People want to be entertained above all else,” he says.

Kay is no stranger to the grind, but this time instead of spending hours gaming to generate content, he is in the gym training. He began his own boxing journey at the start of 2022 and loves the discipline it takes.

“It’s also very good for my mind to relax as I can get very stressed making videos. I’m still deciding whether I will get into the ring, but if not I still see myself being very involved with the space as an ambassador and even commentating potentially,” he says.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Kay’s future in boxing, as it is sure to be as engaging as what we can always expect from this top tier influencer.


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