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Which Team Should Be The Focus Of An 'All Or Nothing' Documentary Next?

The All Or Nothing documentaries on Amazon Prime have become essential viewing for all sports fans, with previous seasons of the documentary focusing on Manchester City, Brazil and the New Zealand international rugby team. However, the most recent season really got fans talking, as the All Or Nothing documentary went behind the scenes at Tottenham Hotspur.

The season followed the team through a challenging season, which saw Mauricio Pochettino replaced by Jose Mourinho, as well as the disruption of the league due to the coronavirus pandemic. The episodes were unmissable for sports fans, and it is still talked about weeks after the final episode dropped. But, it does beg the question, which team could the All Or Nothing documentary follow next?

Manchester United

One of the biggest keys to the Tottenham documentary's success was the fact that it went behind the scenes at a team that was struggling. That means that one of the most interesting stories could be told at Manchester United, as fans are intrigued to see what is happening behind the scenes at Old Trafford.

Manchester United are one of the biggest clubs in world football, which means that an All Or Nothing documentary looking at the club could instantly become the most-watched season of the show. Things haven't gone well at the club since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, and it would make for compelling viewing to see how the club are trying to bring back the good times to Old Trafford.

West Ham United

West Ham United are a club that are constantly in turmoil, and it would be fascinating to go behind the scenes to see how the club is addressing the issues that fans have with the club. The Hammers have a history of trying to play football the right way, and still claim that they were the reason for England's only World Cup success in 1966 since Sir Geoff Hurst scored a hat-trick in the final. Nowadays, the club struggles to hang on to a manager for a prolonged period of time, and drama is never far away with the club.

It would be a slightly different All Or Nothing documentary as it will be instead focusing on the battles that a club faces at the bottom of the Premier League rather than the ones that come with challenging for a Premier League title. However, it would still be unmissable for fans.

Newcastle United

Sunderland have already had huge success with the release of their documentary on Netflix, and their arch-rivals could be next, as Newcastle United could let the cameras inside the club for one season. It would make for compelling viewing on and off the pitch, as the club have been the talk of a financial takeover for a number of years, and fans would be desperate to see what actually happens behind the scenes when a new buyer is coming in to take over at the club. Newcastle are the city's heartbeat, and fans could play a part in this documentary if it ever happens.


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