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Viktoriia and Kostiantyn Vlasenko Prove Fashion Runs in the Family

Working together, brother and sister have won 17 awards at international festivals

Harnessing both their individual and collective creativity, Viktoriia and Kostiantyn Vlasenko have turned their passion for cinema into a family business: designing and tailoring costumes for film productions. Already, they have left quite a mark on the film industry in Ukraine and beyond, working for numerous film projects and winning 17 awards at international film festivals.

Coming Together

This dynamic sibling duo hasn’t always worked in tandem. Before joining forces with her brother, Viktoriia Vlasenko was a renowned fashion designer and creator of the brand Terrasse. Through Terrasse, Viktoriia has been featured in international fashion shows, including the 2015 New Talents Vogue Milan and the Ukranian “Fashion Skarbnitsa,” and she has also collaborated with Italian brands Imperial, Gil Santucci, Rinascimento, SARAH CHOLE, and GG GIOVANNINI. These stellar accomplishments led to her work being noticed by Uruguayan superstar Natalia Oreiro, who wore one of Viktoriia’s dresses on the red carpet during the 2017 Platino awards in Madrid, garnering steadfast fame for Terrasse abroad.

Though she was mostly involved with high fashion, costume design has always been of interest to Viktoriia. During the same period she was achieving acclaim with Terrasse, Viktoriia created costumes for the Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy in Ukraine and the Chernihiv Regional Philharmonic Center, which were used for festivals and concert programs, as well as international competitions and performances.

Kostiantyn Vlasenko has also had a strong connection with the performing arts throughout his life. From childhood, Kostiantyn performed at concerts and worked in the theater. As his skills progressed, he moved to China and performed with a dance troupe for two years. During this crucial period, his interest in costume design blossomed. Kostiantyn helped to design costumes for the troupe using technology that allowed different parts of the dancers’ bodies to illuminate in time to the music.

Kostiantyn came even closer to costume design in 2013 when he studied at the New York Academy of Motion Picture Arts. It was during this time that he realized the potential to work on costumes for cinema with his sister Viktoriia, who was already working in that industry.

Moving Into Movies

Viktoriia and Kostiantyn Vlasenko came together for a number of projects in the USA, giving them numerous opportunities to realize their talents in the field of costume design for cinema. Kostiantyn starred in a number of films, using every opportunity to take part in the creation of costumes. He often became a line producer in these films, following in the fashionable footsteps of his famous sister.

As a result, Kostiantyn Vlasenko has acted as a production manager in 39 films over the past eight years; and Viktoriia acted as a costume designer for 34 of these films.

Awards and Accolades

The Vlasenko siblings have already achieved an impressive legacy in the film world. Their costumes have won 17 awards at international film festivals to date—seven of them were received for “Betrayed,” six for “Unworld,” two for “Set Me Free,” and one each for “All Lives Matter” and “No War.”

Looking Forward

There is no doubt that this family-based creative tandem will continue to flourish. Presently, Viktoriia and Constantine are creating costumes for the DQ10 series on Majestic TV (Los Angeles), and in the near future the siblings will design costumes for the full-length feature film, “Prism,” which will be filmed in Texas and directed by the father of the famous Quentin Tarantino—Tony Tarantino.


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