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The Burden of a Comedian Contribution to a Post-Pandemic Industry

Mary McBain on set of "How To Be an Actress" (Photo Credit Liam Nooney)

The performance of renowned comedians, actors and entertainers has become a must in a society that has endured more than a year under COVID-19. After such a difficult stage for artists and audiences, humor and entertainment seek to weigh the vestiges of a situation that changed the world.

Acclaimed actress Mary McBain is a critical part of this group of professionals, with a charm that has left its mark throughout each of the productions in which she has starred. Comedy is McBain’s forte, and her charisma to perform and write in the genre has given her the success that defines her.

McBain was welcomed into the US industry and has come to evolve into a valuable asset to American entertainment professionals. This is an especially notable feat given the highly competitive environment of the film industry.

McBain has especially excelled in leading roles in a string of impressive projects such as ‘We Are CVNT5,’ ‘Spaghetti,’ ‘Bobbi & Gill’ and ‘If Dating Was Like a Job Interview.’

The magnetic comedienne has had diverse triumphs ranging from stand-up comedy, to charity work and social and feminist writing. Her chameleon-like role within various fields of the entertainment world is what has led her to be at the top of the field today.

Mary McBain on the set of 'How To Make a Movie'

In fact, one of the most memorable roles in McBain’s career seeks to enhance the humor required in difficult times from a web series: ‘How To Be A Brit In America. Undoubtedly, a role she knows firsthand and which tells the story of Marion, a Brit who doesn’t quite fit in back home, so decides to see what it takes to become an American. Each episode takes the audience through a new element of American life such as “How to date like an American”, “How to look the part”, “How to surf” and “How to be a rapper”. Mary throws herself into each episode as her character Marion and the result is often both hilarious and heartwarming.

An acting challenge that has presented itself in the path of the artist and that she has been able to assume in the face of an opportunity to make known to the American public her adventure in the United States.

Among her other outstanding work, we remember her role as Chloe in season 1 of ‘We are CVNT5,’ a mockumentary series set in the world of electronic dance music, from DJ and record producer Gareth Emery.

The show's producers loved Mary's work so much that they decided to write her into the second season of the production. Such an exceptional opportunity, limited to only a few actors with a genuine spark, represented a milestone in Mary's career that she describes as “an affirmation that the work I’ve been doing off and on the screen makes me stand out from the crowd. My goal in life is to make a difference through joy, so to be invited to be a part of a show like this was not only great fun but a reminder that I’m on the right path.”

We are thrilled to know that we have such impressive talent directly from the UK. Thus, it becomes clear how important it is to choose opening the door to new possibilities within American productions with foreign professionals that promise the revival of the industry with an excellence that no pandemic could stop.


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