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Shiler Pierrimas Dances His Way Across Europe’s Biggest Stages

Shiler Pierrimas - Photo: I Comme Image

From humble beginnings in the streets of Paris to stealing the show across Spain and France’s biggest stages, Shiler Pierrimas and his dance troupe, Enjoy, have titillated audiences time and time again with their larger-than-life performances. Founded in 2017 by Pierrimas, Enjoy is a group of cosmopolitan artists gathered around the original concept of blending dance and acrobatics. Each member of the group is a master of their own respective craft, but their chemistry on stage allows them to transcend their individual limitations and meld into a dynamic artistic kaleidoscope. Pierrimas himself is an acrobat and dancer in the troupe, as well as being its founder and director.

Their latest project, “Enjoy Yourself,” blends cinematic musical classics and contemporary tracks with the troupe’s universal approach to humor, physical prowess, and artistic sensibilities to distill a truly unique and multi-faceted show that can be enjoyed by audience members of any age. Featuring elements of acrobatics and global dance styles including hip hop and breakdance, Enjoy Yourself is a production that surprises and delights anyone who is fortunate enough to witness it.

Most recently, Pierrimas and his troupe set the stage of “Spain’s Got Talent” ablaze when they were awarded the “Golden Buzzer” by all three of the show’s judges simultaneously. The “Golden Buzzer" allows a participant to progress to the next round of the competition regardless of the other judges’ votes, and each judge can grant this honor just once per season. A true testament to Pierrimas and Enjoy’s universal appeal, this standout performance has gone down in history as one of the most impressive to be displayed on “Spain’s Got Talent.”

Before appearing on “Spain’s Got Talent,” Enjoy Yourself performed at the prestigious Festival Off d’Avignon, the largest performing arts market in France, and indeed the most prestigious market for theatre shows in the world. The four-week Festival Off d’Avignon boasts a myriad of performances from more than 1000 theatre troupes that take place across the city of Avignon, France. Even amid the throng of boisterous and flamboyant performers vying for attention and renown, Pierrimas and his troupe Enjoy were able to stand out as a must-see spectacle due to the engaging and cohesive nature of their performance.

The Festival Off d’Avignon wasn’t Pierrimas’ first taste of success with his dance troupe. Enjoy Yourself had already amazed spectators and sold out shows during a five-month residency at The Apollo Theatre 360 in 2018 and 2019 and a four-month residency at The Royal Comedy from June to September of 2018.

“When we first performed Enjoy Yourself at The Apollo Theatre, and the whole audience stood up at the end to applaud us,” Pierrimas reminisced, “that was the biggest highlight of the year for all of us.”

As a further testament to the universal appeal of Enjoy Yourself, nearly all of the show’s dates during these residencies were sold out.

Enjoy Yourself - Apollo Theatre, 2018

The success of Enjoy Yourself did not come overnight – it was hard earned by Pierrimas and the members of the Enjoy dance troupe. After watching a breakdance video in 1998, Pierrimas realized his natural talent for this acrobatic and energetic style of movement. He quickly progressed and began performing on the streets of Paris with his friends. It takes a special individual to excel as a street performer. To capture the attention of a passerby is no small feat; to maintain it and captivate them is an even bigger task. Through the years, Pierrimas cultivated his approach, interacting with thousands of residents and tourists passing through Parisian parks and promenades.

Clearly, the years of experimentation and dedication have paid off. The anonymous nature of street performance has been relegated to the past for Pierrimas and his Enjoy dance troupe, who for years have enjoyed success and acclaim throughout not just France, but also much of Europe. The future promises to be even brighter than the past has been for Pierrimas, who has big plans on the horizon. He is currently planning a triumphant return to the 2021 edition of Festival Off d’Avignon, where Enjoy Yourself will be presented at Le Palace Avignon, the largest theatre within the festival, and one that also happens to be dedicated to comedy.

With its unique blend of styles, attitudes, and talents, Enjoy Yourself is poised to take the performance world by storm; and with Shiler Pierrimas at the helm, the performances of the Enjoy dance troupe are sure to get more interesting, more impressive, and more hilarious as the group continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


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