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Rose Wardle on Breaking Out from Viral Commercials and into Leading Film and TV

Rose Wardle shot by Ori Jones

Beardfishing, defined as men using beards to make themselves appear more attractive than they would be without facial hair, was the talk of social media after an advert by ‘The Hook’ went viral.

Rose Wardle played the unfortunate date getting beardfished, which although in the commercial wasn’t good for her, had quite the opposite effect in real life.

“I’d already worked with ‘The Hook’ on a few other adverts, so they specifically called me into the casting as they knew I’d be able to deliver this genre of comedy,” She said, describing her journey to booking the job. “I got the job, and the advert ended up going viral and has had millions of hits since.”

This same comedic prowess has led Rose Wardle to build a solid background in the British film and TV space. The diversity of performances she has delivered in productions such as Mr. Alan On Saturday, and Losing It, are excellent references to this fact.

Rose’s performance in Losing It stands out as especially memorable.

Rose Wardle in Losing It.

Her character, Becca’s journey leads the story - as the episode is set in her home & she has instigated the evening’s proceedings. Her choices are ultimately what drives the comedy of the piece.

The Shortflix film distributed by Sky Arts, tells the story of two twenty-somethings finding their drunken hook-up going off the rails when the night takes a dark turn. The film is a dark and mysterious comedy, which explores the pressure that young men put on themselves to lose their virginity, as well as the stress that young women can feel when their sexual tastes are a bit more unusual. It also makes light of sex and one-night-stands, and exposes how weird those situations can be when differing sexual tastes come together

Wardle exploits her talents in the dark/absurd comedy genre here so naturally that it is almost as if the character was written for her.

“The director & writer of this piece had a very specific style of comedy in mind when creating the character of ‘Becca’,” Wardle recalled. “There was a certain tone they wanted to achieve... There were several names up for the part, but the director was particularly impressed with my interpretation.”

Discovering stars on the internet isn’t a new phenomenon, but after having her career propelled by a funny advert, now Wardle is looking to the future.

Rose Wardle shot by Phil Sharp

In sharp contrast to her other work, is Rose’s dynamic portrayal in Mr. Alan On Saturday. Similarly to her previous performances however, Wardle garnered further critical acclaim.

Helen, played by Wardle, is the love interest of Alan, and her influence on him drives all the decisions he makes up to the outcome of the narrative.

The story follows the main character Alan on a momentous Saturday in his life, when his idea of himself is challenged and he is left to terms with the verdict. Alan goes to his mother’s home for a family christening. He is to be a godparent. While there he encounters the other godparent, Helen, played by Wardle.

Wardle’s performance makes her character’s presence stand alone from the rest of the people around which Alan surrounds himself. As critics noted, Wardle grounds the character and fully showcases how Helen represents Alan’s future, while the other characters focus on his past. It’s a stellar performance as inviting as it is mysterious. Wardle’s energy can be felt through the screen in a manner that has clearly resonated with other producers, both in the UK and in the United States.

It is of no surprise that Wardle continues to attract the attention of both British and international viewers alike.

“I feel so grateful to my team - there’s some exciting projects in the pipeline, which is the result of our collective hard work!”


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