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Martinique Star Sandrine Bouton (aka POOGY) Makes Waves in Dance World

Sandrine Bouton aka Poogy (Photo by Andre Rodriguez)

Sandrine Bouton, also known as Poogy, is making her mark on the dance world. One of her biggest castings to date was for a music video for rapper Iggy Azalea. Sandrine can be seen dancing and starring alongside Azalea in the important moment as Azalea's fictional husband dies and leaves her everything. If that is not a story line designed to hook you in, we do not know what is.

As Sandrine says: "Working with Iggy Azalea was amazing. We all had a great time on set. I particularly enjoyed this Music video, because Iggy and I have the same energy, same vibes. So acting as her friend on set was really effortless and nice."

However, this fun video is not the first time we have seen Poogy. The dancer has accumulated a very impressive resume and achieved many accomplishments in her career. It can be very difficult for a dancer to shine as they are often part of a group, however Sandrine has pushed the envelope and reached huge success.

She first came to train in the United States in 2013 in Los Angeles, and 2015 in New York. Sandrine did not go unnoticed. Indeed, she trained so hard that she received several recognitions from the best dance schools in Los Angeles (Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds, IDA, The Edge…), as well as the best dance schools in New York (The Ailey Extension, STEPS On Broadway, Broadway Dance Center…). After these accomplishments there was no doubt that Sandrine dance styles and determination belong to the dance industry in the United States.

Sandrine has also won several dance contests back in France.

"I was really proud of these because it shows me even more that I took the right decision to follow my dreams. It was already amazing to be well recognized in Europe. But being noticed, appreciated, and welcomed by the best in the United States was fantastic. This gave me even more confidence and motivation to accomplish my biggest dream in the dance world."

Today, Sandrine works extensively with the production company DIAVOLO which puts out performance art pieces in hopes to spark conversation in the masses. Poogy is a featured performer in these productions.

"Working with DIAVOLO is amazing. It is way more than just dancing. It is really playing with danger and learn how to survive at the same time. Indeed, the architectures we dance on are really huge and heavy. I really love working with this company because it helps you being stronger. You really feel like a soldier when you accomplish these types of performances. Also dancing with structures that move is never the same feeling, that is why I love it so much."

In 2019 rapper YG released a video for his song ‘In the Dark’ that Sandrine performed in. Now, the video has over 8 million views on Youtube and was used in Apple commercials that ran throughout 2021. Also starting in 2019, was Sandrine’s work with celebrity choreographer Brooklyn Jai. Sandrine specifically was asked to feature in 4 different numbers over 2 years. When put together, these videos have over a hundred thousand views and firmly placed Poogy in Jai’s roster of dancers.

Ludmilla (left) and Poogy (right) (Photo by Paula Neves)

In 2021, Sandrine accompanied award winning Brazilian performer Ludmilla in her MTV Millennial Awards performance. The Millennial Awards are presented to honor the best of Latin Music and digital content of the millennial generation. The show garnered 5.2 million viewers and was prominent on social media in the weeks following the broadcast. The singer, Ludmilla, is the largest black female singer in South America and the video that was shown during the show has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

So, what does the future hold for Sandrine?

Sandrine has a lot to look forward to in coming years as she has been offered to perform with a new show called ‘No Jealousy’ that will be put on in Hollywood that will run from 2022 to 2024, as well as continue in her role for DIAVOLO.

Sandrine is also joining the LA Samba Dancers company. The LA Samba Dancers are a specialized Brazilian style Carnival dance group that performs at celebrities private events, BET Awards parties, festivals, carnivals, and weekly events in several venues throughout Los Angeles.

Sandrine Bouton (center) with La Samba Dancers (Photo by Joany Macias)

She also signed an official deal with Brooklyn Jai and will accompany him on tour, in live performances, and in videos over the next few years.

Beyond performing herself, Poogy has been hired as a choreographer for singer Sonny Apollo.

“When I first met Sonny, I was hired as a dancer. However, he really loved my professionalism and dance skills. We were very connected, he really appreciated the fact that I could right away translate into dance what he was seeing in his mind. That is why he decided to hire me as his new choreographer. We worked on a live performance show and his music video "FRIENDS". There are big things coming for the future. His project "FUNHOUSE" which will be a live show with many surprises for several venues.

As we can see, Sandrine has had a very impressive career, especially given she has only been an active professional dancer since 2011. She began her training in southern France, focusing largely on modern jazz, ballet, and contemporary, while also working as a teacher of modern jazz, dancehall, and contemporary dance styles. Her well rounded background allows Poogy to both perform and choreograph diverse numbers and we are very excited to see where the future takes her.


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