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Thalia Dudek shot by Zoe Hawkins

When Thalia Dudek realised they wanted to be an actor, nothing could have prepared them for the current high they’re experiencing.

“I really thought it would be an uphill battle for more than a decade, because so many people had told me so, and acting is obviously so notoriously difficult as a career…and then maybe I’d have a fighting chance at some good roles.”

Dudek however, has managed to accrue a long-list of impressive feats to their resume in less than a decade. This has made not our editors beam with pride over what Thalia has not only done for the increasing number of Australians on global screen productions, but for also increasing the representation of the LGBTQ community and non-binary people worldwide.

Capturing audiences and critics attention in the film project “It Comes In Waves,” the synchronicity of the title with their career trajectory is not lost on the university-educated performer (and skilled theater practitioner).

“With every career there are ebbs and flows, and I understood that going into acting, so I’m just trying to enjoy riding this current wave,” Dudek states with supreme modesty. With a pun intended, Dudek’s Australian talent manager confidently remarks, “they’re literally making waves in the film industry - worldwide.”

Dudek elaborates.

“I don’t think there was a scenario in my mind when I was a kid where the current state of affairs seemed possible, in terms of industry professionals opening up the doors and enhancing diversity on screen,” Thalia remarks. “I feel very blessed and hope it continues to diversify, not just for myself but for generations to come. Our culture is richer because of it.”

Thalia is most definitely not just Australia’s leading non-binary actor, but also one of Australia’s leading actors under 30 we were ecstatic to feature, an accomplishment that hasn’t gone unnoticed on the Sydney native.

“It’s weird to say it’s humbling, but it truly is,” Dudek says with a smile.

One of the projects which has caught the industry’s attention in recent months is their involvement with the feature film “SLANT”, wherein Dudek has not only been attached in a leading capacity (something that caused their talent manager to “scream with joy”) but also see them share a cast list with Australian acting icon and award-winning legend, Sigrid Thornton, and popular acclaimed actor, Shannon Berry

Thornton is well-known to international audiences but particularly loved in Australia, all the way back to her work in “The Man from Snowy River’ and more recently in the popular reboot of “Sea Change” on Channel Nine. Berry is currently appearing in Amazon mega-hit, The Wilds. Dudek is, suffice to say, thrilled. It’s easy to see why this is a project that has the Australian film industry brimming with interest.

“To be on the same cast list as actors as Shannon and Sigrid is so wonderful - they are such inspiring artists,” Dudek remarks.

When watching Dudek on screen, it’s easy to understand why critics have complimented their performance style in almost every production in which they have appeared.

An acclaimed theater actor and producer in addition to their screen work, Dudek has a wide-ranging ability to effortlessly access emotions in a manner that’s truly human. Their mastery of different accents is one of a long-list of advanced skills that they have had to learn (and enjoyed doing so), over the course of their impressive career.

“I’ve also enjoyed motorcycle riding, combat training, competitive figure skating and learning Mandarin / continuing to teach myself Spanish and German!"

A well-known Australian manager remarked to our writers how elite the category is in which Dudek now finds themself professionally. “It’s no wonder that America and Hollywood is chasing after Thalia to appear in their projects - there’s literally no one like them. There is so much interest - this is not something that happens easily with actors.”

Indeed, our editors attest to this, as we feature a number of impressive actors all over the world and yet, Dudek’s career and the pace at which it is accelerating is truly remarkable.

Another impressive production that adds range to Dudek’s portfolio is the film project “LAND”, featuring, alongside Dudek, Lara Robinson, who was one of the youngest recipients of the famed AACTA award.

(Left to Right). Actresses Thalía Dudek, Melanie Bird and Grace O'Sullivan on set of "High Grades"

High-Grades”, another project where Dudek is one of three leads, sees them share the screen alongside Freya Stafford and Francesca Waters, while Dudek is also particularly excited about the much-anticipated Robbie Williams biopic.

“When I was a kid, Robbie’s songs were always playing in my house. To say out loud that I’m a part of a movie about his life, is really surreal.”

Biopics in Australia are a popular commodity, always a certainty with audiences in luring big-budget sponsors and positive notices. It’s therefore safe to say that Dudek landing a role in the project is not just a run-of-the-mill acting job - it’s a noteworthy hallmark of an already impressive career that, quite literally, is changing the Australian film and TV industry. Footloose Productions are grateful to have Dudek’s critical involvement in the A-list production, where they play an integral role in the narrative early on (no spoilers!). Williams himself acted as a consultant and appears as himself in the film, enhancing the status of what is already an impressive screen project.

While big waves might come crashing down in real life (and so frequently in a metaphorical sense with actors), the offers pouring in from acclaimed producers to work on television and film projects in the United States make us think that Dudek’s current ride is smooth sailing for the near future.

“I’m just trying to stay present and grateful,” smiles Dudek.


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