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Thank You Angelenos Frontliners: a Tribute from Indonesians in LA

Los Angeles -In the midst of our current fight against the pandemic COVID-19, many people are finding creative ways to promote optimism, including the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Los Angeles.

In collaboration with Indonesian writer-director-producer duo, Livi Zheng and Ken Zheng, the Indonesian Consulate General has created a short video as a token of appreciation for Angeleno frontliners. This award-winning filmmaker sibling duo has long championed the arts and culture of Indonesia to the rest of the world. Their rising prominence in Hollywood makes them the ideal creative channel for this recent endeavor.

"Los Angeles as the COVID-19's epicenter on the west coast now has over 200,000 cases. Therefore, our office came up with this idea to encourage positive energy and to express our gratitude to the healthcare heroes and all frontliners." remarks Consul General Saud P. Krisnawan.

This two-minute video also represents the diversity of Indonesia. "Additionally, this tribute is an opportunity to celebrate a medley of Indonesia's ethnicity and culture. We have Los Angeles residents in the video who came from Bali and Papua for example," Saud mentioned proudly. Ken and Livi Zheng bring their signature cinematic vision and style to this video to communicate the support of the Indonesian population in LA towards these truly heroic frontliners amidst this pandemic while displaying what makes the members of this community so special.

Hollywood based Indonesian artists also participated in this video. "We are grateful to have talented Indonesian diaspora like Tania Gunadi, Yoshi and Peter Sudarso, and child star Malea Emma joining us in this goodwill initiative," Saud added.

The release of this video titled "Los Angeles: A Thank you Note" is purposefully scheduled to be near the Indonesian 75th Indonesian Independence Day. "In keeping with this year's theme "Proud of Everything Indonesia", we hope this video will cultivate a deeper sense of pride in the creativity of Indonesian talents during this pandemic, " Saud said in closing.

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