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Actress Sima Sepehri is “Tempted by Danger” in upcoming Lifetime movie

Never wanting to limit herself to one style, Canadian Iranian Actress Sima Sepehri is known for her dedication to her craft. As a master of both drama and comedy, Sepehri enjoys playing that tough and strong character, and at the same time, she is immensely skilled at stand-up and live sketches. For this renowned actress, it isn’t about the genre, it is about the story.

“The thing I love the most about acting is telling stories. Everyone has a story. Every human is interesting in their own way and growing up I didn’t see a lot of people like myself represented in the media. I just think about how much film and tv shaped my world as a young refugee to a whole new country and culture and I think about other kids that need that representation as well. I have so many of my own stories to tell,” she said.

Sepehri is best known for her work in hit shows like Condor, Private Eyes, and American Lawmen, as well as acclaimed films such as Christmas Mubarak, Gridlocked, and Kingdom Come, but she will once again be gracing the screen of audiences across the United States in her newest movie Tempted By Danger, coming to Lifetime on April 18th, 2020.

Tempted by Danger is written by Laura Balson Carter (known for writing Undercover Cheerleader, Tomboy and The Time Capsule) and directed by Annie Bradley, who is known for I'm Going to Break Your Heart, Blowback, and The End of Nevermind). The film tells the story of sisters Nicole and Angela who are highly driven and successful in their careers. Angela, played by Keshia Knight Pulliam, is married with a baby on the way and wishes Nicole, a rising attorney, played by Gabrielle Graham, could have more balance in her life. When Angela interviews and hires a new bright executive Michael, played by Michael Xavier, she sets him up with Nicole who actually makes time to date him. The relationship seems promising until it becomes clear that Michael is moving much more quickly and obsessively than Nicole can handle.

“I like that the women in this story are all strong characters. They are all leading their own lives professionally and putting themselves first which is always nice to see,” said Sepehri.

From the moment Sepehri heard of the story, she knew she wanted to be a part of the film. It was the first psychological thriller she has ever worked on, and she is always looking at trying new things as an actress, evident with her versatile resume. When she auditioned and met Bradley, she was only more intrigued by the project, describing the director as a “total badass” and wanting to take her direction and learn from her.

“The thing I loved the most about this project is that it was directed by a woman, the DP was female and most of the cast are people of color, which was a very cool experience for me. There is such amazing representation both on screen and off,” said Sepehri.

In the film, Sepehri plays Padma, a pivotal supporting role and an advertising executive who works directly for Angela, the Creative Director of a big firm. Her character is very close with the two main characters, and helps put the pieces of the puzzle together for the audience. Padma is very close with the sisters, and when the new hire seems to come off a little suspicious, she takes matters into her own hands to get to the bottom of it. She definitely puts her investigative skills to good use. She’ll do anything to protect the people she loves.

“To be honest my character is a very skeptical person and it’s not that far from who I am. She’s passionate about her work and cares about the people she works with a lot and I didn’t have to go very much outside myself for that,” said Sepehri. “I think I was chosen to play this role because I naturally have a “no-nonsense” vibe about me.”

Tempted by Danger will premiere on Lifetime on April 18, 2020, at 8 p.m. Be sure to check out Sepehri in this captivating role.

Photo by Lizzie O'Donnell

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