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CAMPBELL GREENOCK: Another Aussie Taking Hollywood By Storm

If this profile was just about regular actors, we could’ve interviewed any number of Australian actors who seem to be taking over Hollywood. Luckily for our readers, we’re more interested in focusing on the more unique and eclectic artists. There’s no more special case of an international artist than the undeniably memorable Campbell Greenock.

Campbell Greenock shot by Daisy Coyle

Greenock, whose screen presence and mannerisms are reminiscent of Golden-Globe winner Jason Batemen and “Harry Potter” star Domhnall Gleeson, has firmly established himself in the indie film circuit as an actor who’s out to serve the story, not himself. Humble enough that he won’t let his ego get in the way, but distinct enough in his skills and look that he’ll elevate any scene in which he appears. He’s been called a director’s dream. As his agents are effortlessly able to attest, Campbell is consistently cast in high caliber productions around the world for demanding roles that allow him to dig deep into the characters’ souls which belie his young age.

After intensive acting training at some of the world’s most renowned training institutions, the young actor went on gaining on-stage experience in Western Australian. He continued refining his skill-set in starring roles throughout numerous theatre productions, such as ‘[Be]longing’ and ‘An Almost Perfect Thing’. Those early performances quickly made waves among entertainment industry leaders.

It is obvious that his hard-working attitude and love for acting helped Campbell achieve one goal after another. After his shining stage performances he evolved to lead roles in a number of films. It constituted a major step to move on to appear on the big screen. Seemingly not intimidated by that career boost at all, he starred in productions like as “Whiteley,” “The Ginger Conspiracy,” and “Pray,” alongside actors like “Neighbours” actor Frances McCarthy, and “Kick Ons” Emily Heyes.

Campbell still remembers his performance in one of his earliest first like it was yesterday. That project, “Bin Day,” centers around friends having dinner when suddenly one gets a call from her parents overseas informing her about her sibling’s fatal car crash. The film follows the reaction of the dinner guests, ranging from disbelief and shock to horror. For Campbell, the project was an opportunity to sensitively explore the intricacy of displaying variations of empathy and anger his character experiences.

“It is a balancing act to reflect the character’s inner self in a subtle enough way that makes it believable and relatable to the audience,” Campbell notes.

Campbell Greenock on Channel 9's "Metro Sexual" TV Series

Recently, he made another bold career move by starring in the hilarious hit-show, “Metro Sexual,” produced by the famed Darren Mcfarlane of “Charlotte’s Web,” an Australian mega-hit that boasted the voices of Oscar-winner Julia Roberts, fan-favourite Steve Buscemi, and the legend herself, Oprah Winfrey.

“I was really excited to join the cast of ‘Metro-Sexual’,” Campbell offers, “because it gave me the chance to delve into the comedy genre which requires intense improvising skills and an understanding for how to use the right dose of comedic acting.”

This, of course, as Campbell elaborates, is a balance which advances the story and keeps the audience engaged.

Being on the radar of seasoned industry professionals has its advantages and it seems filmmakers are waiting with bated breath for the actor’s schedule to open up for a chance to work with him.

The multi-talented actor and producer of film and television has joined the upcoming TV show Rockview Confidential as series regular, which is scheduled to start pre-production in early 2020. The series is set to shoot in Los Angeles.

Another project Campbell has just been attached to is the feature film "TALL MONEY" in which he will play the lead role of John Cappas.

Daisy Coyle (left) and Campbell Greenock (right) for the world-renowned St. Kilda Film Festival (shot by event photographer)

"Tall Money" tells the story of the Chicago criminal legend, John Cappas. Cappas was bringing in five figures a week from his cocaine empire, only to surrender to the authorities at 23 years of age.

In addition, Campbell is in discussions to work with Billy Raftery, who is known for his acclaimed documentaries “The Maestro: The Rollie Massimino Story” and “With a Kiss,” and feature film “The Preppie Connection” starring “Vampire Academy” actress Lucy Fry and “Kong: Skull Island’s” Thomas Mann.

Unsurprisingly, Campbell is overjoyed by the prospect of working with the creme-da-la-creme of Hollywood. “I’m really excited to be entering the American market. It’s an exhilarating feeling to see that my determination and perseverance over the years is paying off and conquering the U.S. acting world is the next big milestone not just for my professional success but also personal growth.”

To keep up with Campbell, follow him on Instagram @campbellgreenock.

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