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An Actor’s Actor: Jack Loy

Actor Jack Loy shot by Kim Hardy

With his significant stature, Jack Loy might be intimidating to meet in person, and frequently cast in powerful roles, but the basic need of his craft means he’s more in touch with his emotions than the regular man.

The formidable talent, whose film “Beautiful in the Morning” was recently promoted in industry bible Variety as the opening film for the 15th LA Femme International Film Festival at the Regal Live in Los Angeles earlier this year, is reinforcing the long-held but increasingly rarely found ideal of a leading man who’s brutally masculine but equal parts empathetic, a la Marlon Brando or James Dean.

The British native also appeared in multiple episodes of the popular UK series “Doctors” as ‘Ian Cooke’, a charming but politically incorrect lodger who attempts to seduce one of the show’s most-loved doctors.

“When I first discovered acting, one of the most powerful aspects was that I got to use my empathy for people and my sensitivities - things that aren’t necessarily encouraged in young British men but my acting teachers showed me there was power in it.”

It’s no surprise therefore that one of the roles for which Jack is best known for as the hero and lead in an international web-series, now on Amazon Prime, distributed in conjunction with the promotion of luxury car brand Audi, gave him an opportunity to play a ‘James Bond’ type character with an edge.

Jack Loy in the Audi Original Series "Q8 Unleashed"

Not only does Jack embody the debonair spy type in the series, but there is also equally affecting moments in which the audience feels for the character, his relationships and the fact that he is, at the end of the day, human. In one scene, [you see Jack’s character Quentin racing across an American desert to find out what has happened to his wife Sandra. Jack picks up a video message from a distressed and hostaged Sandra. The anguish and dismay Jack brings to his character in this moment and others are sublime and bring humanity to a still an otherwise cool and aspirational character.

“I think audiences have gotten sick of seeing one-dimensional men on screen, and in the current climate, male actors need to step up and be formidable counterparts; playing their part in elevating everyone.”

In line with Jack’s comment, it should come as no surprise that the Audi series generated millions of views all over the world and in turn produced a legion of ‘Jack Loy’ fans. Some of the videos even attracted more views than the Audi series the season before which featured an American by the name Justin Timberlake.

So how does it feel to arguably be in the more popular season of the series? An ever humble Jack didn’t offer a comment other than to express his gratitude that he’s associated with such a popular and iconic company.

An even more positive consequence for the role was the way in which it helped elevate the international profile of Jack, himself already familiar to British and Indian consumers because of his heritage and association with fashion companies in Asia, and leading to the notices of casting directors in the United States.

“I can’t quite say what it is yet but I’m excited about my upcoming projects.”

Indeed, Jack has signed on for a series of exciting roles to be shooting across the United States, including projects from All in Films and an exciting series titled “Third Rail.”

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