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Natalia Montecinos, award-winning Director, raises awareness to Selective Mutism with her film '

Known for her previous films Home and The Theatre, Natalia Montecinos’ new film Voiceless is making waves in the filmmaking community after winning, ‘Best Drama’ and ‘Best Actress’ at the LA Indie Short Fest. Also, it recently was announced as the finalist on the running for a Remi award, and will be screened at the 53rd Annual WorldFest-Houston Film Festival.

The film tracks Mia, a 9-year-old girl who suffers from selective mutism, a condition where a person ceases to speak due to severe trauma. With breathtaking performance, and immaculate visuals, the film speaks out the voices of the unheard.

Natalia, originally from Santiago de Chile, and nowadays based in LA has more than 9 years of experience in advertising as an Art Director. In 2016, she decided to expand her arena of work and become a filmmaker. After graduating from UCLA Extension, her films and commercials won over 10 awards and have been selected for over 25 film festivals worldwide.

Natalia’s national and international achievements include two awards at the Indie Short Fest Los Angeles Film Festival, two awards at the Calcutta International Film Festival, a finalist for “Best Women’s Short” at the Oniros Film Festival, and “Best Short Film” award at the IndieX International Film Fest. Her TV Commercial campaign Movistar was nominated for the Motion Category, at Behance.

The Chilean director is currently in the development process of two feature films. The first is Selfish, a thriller drama, about a series of strange coincidences that attract three random people together to an event that will change their life forever. Selfish will be produced by Nicole Fahel, CEO of Pink Mango. The second is An Unexpected Guest, a drama that will be produced by JGV Studio and is planned to be released in 2023.

She is also in the final stages of the pilot Needs, an online comedy series she’s been developing, directing and producing alongside the Mash Sisters. The series tries to find the answer to the question in the minds of countless motivational speakers, mediocre vloggers and desperate subscribers- What do millennials need to be happy?! The series is starring the stand-up comedian and writer Or Mash, and the comedic actress and writer Ophir Mash.

Check out Voiceless trailer here.

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