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ABBARAMA in Australia

Though the band ABBA hasn’t performed for decades, the music lives on through an updated tribute act called ABBARAMA. The band delivered a high energy performance November 5th on the Explorer Dream Cruise Ship off the coast of Australia.

The band was rocking, featuring the talents of Adi Argelazi (Vocals), Alison Garner (Vocals), Adam Skeppar (Guitar), Nigel Wilson (Keyboards), Eric Louiselle (Bass), and Lindsay Martin (Drums). They all came together to give the music of ABBA an electrifying face lift with shred guitar, thick bass, and powerhouse vocals.

The 60-minute set included extended versions of classic songs. A simple clock tick before its climactic key change gave “Money, Money, Money” increased tension. “Winner Takes it All” included an electronic breakdown bringing the tune well into the future.

Lights were flashing and synchronized video by Kii Arens played along with the entire set which made the show visually appealing. This along with platform boots, silver jackets, and patterned suites turned the show into an experience more than just a performance.

Adam Skeppar’s guitar work was especially exciting in songs like Gimme Gimme in which the young Swede doubled the coveted synthesizer lick towards the end of the song. He showcased impressive solo work at the end of the show bringing an edgy vibe to Does Your Mother Know and Waterloo.

The only part of the night that slowed down was the middle of the set; cue an intimate performance of Fernando. Though the song was a little quieter than the rest of the set, it was still electrifying. Skeppar traded his electric guitar for an acoustic and the whole band took part in a tight 3-part harmony.

After Fernando, the girls left the stage and the band played an instrumental piece. Skeppar, Wilson, Louiselle and Martin showed off their impressive skills on their respective instruments. Argelazi returned after the instrumental having traded her sequin coat for a rainbow-colored body suite.

The next song, “Winner Takes it All” was one of two songs that truly showcased Argelazi’s vocal ability. The other was “Thank You For The Music,” both songs required powerful high notes and were executed stunningly.

The show closed out unsurprisingly with Dancing Queen and the two girls left the safety of the stage to dance with the audience. It can be hard to leave the comfy zodiac theater seats but by the end of the night the crowd was dancing to ABBA’s hit songs.

Guitarist Adam Skeppar taking centerstage

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