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Director Paint VK makes ‘Sincere’ story and end to award-winning trilogy

Growing up in Bangkok, Thailand, a young Kantapan Vongkasikorn loved watching movies. He would immerse himself in film, coming up with ways to improve whatever he was watching, even as a child. As he grew, this passion only intensified, and he knew for his entire life that he was destined to one day make movies himself.

Now, Kantapan Vongkasikorn is known as Paint VK, a renowned film director. His films such as Friend Spirit, Labyrinth Life, Shadow vs Light, Rise in Darkness, Abandon, and many others have seen critical acclaim, winning awards at prestigious film festivals and garnering fans all over the world.

“When I see a location, I can create an entire vision and story to go with it. From there, a character’s emotions are important for me, and I’ll experiment with many different methods to make my characters leave lasting impressions on an audience. Score, sound design, and soundtrack are also vital and must engage the audience. I think keeping with this style is why my films receive such positive feedback,” says Paint VK.

Paint VK’s most recent success story is his film Sincere, the third installment of his silent film trilogy, including Chance and Gift. This last piece follows a young girl who meets some people who give a sincerity to her, but she hesitates to be sincere back to them.

When crafting the story, Paint VK made sure that it would tie in to the two previous films, while still making sense for newcomers to the trilogy. There are several flashback scenes to make the connection. He also had to ensure that the ending of the film not only wrapped up this story, but the story of every character in the trilogy.

“The emotion of the young leading character is a main part of this story, to make the audience feel as if they are in the same situation as her. The audience can learn love and compassion through the support the character always had, even if it is hard to see in the beginning,” he says.

As is his trademark, Paint VK began scouting for locations before he even created the story, ensuring he could connect all the films. He wanted to make sure the last film was of the same caliber. He took on writing the script, casting the film, post-production duties, and of course directing to ensure the film would be a success.

The film premiered on June 17th, 2019 at the Silicon Beach Film Festival, where it ended up taking home the award for Best Faith Based Short. For Paint VK, this was a cherry-on-top of completing his first ever trilogy.

“If anyone has a chance to create a trilogy, then I would highly recommend it. Every movie is important if you want to make a decent trilogy. Story, characters, emotions and stylistic camera decisions must translate through each film and connect with each other, which makes it a commanding challenge for any director. The final film is like putting every puzzle piece together and takes a lot of work. I learned so much from working on this trilogy and can’t wait for my next one,” he concludes.

It shouldn’t take long for audiences to get a glimpse of Paint VK’s next trilogy. He is already at work on a feature length horror film that he intends to be the first movie in a compelling trilogy.

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