Alexander Loxton: A Relatable Star

Alexander Loxton in "Viva la Vida"

Many leading male stars develop reputations as they rise through the ranks for being arrogant, unlikable or simply untalented and reliant on their looks. Despite these trends, most of these actors continue to work.

Alexander Loxton is not one of those actors who’s success has gone to his head. To the contrary, his debonair style has simply helped him attract more fans, both within the industry and outside of it. And his current success add proof to the argument that things within the industry are changing, and people won’t simply tolerate a big ego.

Alexander’s work in his current hit web-series “Viva La Vida” has garnered the attention of millions of eyeballs around the world, and have been reason enough for our editors to profile this hunky performer. Of course, if one took a look at his resume, it would be unsurprising to find any passerby down the street who hasn’t seen the young man’s work in some form before. Indeed, the Birmingham native is known for his dancing roles on stage with Billy Elliot, his screen work in Disney feature The Nutcracker and the Four Realms and his hilarious turns in other online comedy series and parody videos.

“I really enjoy different styles of performing, so feel incredibly blessed that I’ve been able to bounce around between a bunch of different forms and mediums.”

Alexander Loxton in "Viva la Vida"

Alexander’s web-series adds further evidence in support of the view that he is not only a consummate actor, but a relatable human serving the interests of modern-day audiences in a way that few other male actors currently do.

“Viva La Vida has been a great opportunity to pull on my British roots with regards to having the space to enjoy the quiet subtlety in certain moments. I think Ricky Gervais is a genius when it comes to that and particularly in shows like the Office and Extras where he isn’t afraid to let the mood and the energy drop to take you on a journey it really has a deafening effect despite there being so little action happening.”

In one moment shot for the fourth episode of the current season, Alexander had to open himself up to total vulnerability whilst balancing a comedic tone whilst dealing with the morbid concept of suicide when he is required to derobe in front of a gangster in order to buy a gun.

In another moment intended for the season finale Alexander needed to carry the transition from a pattern of slapstick humor into a poignant moment where he finally transcends the pain he is experiencing and embraces the perfect imperfection of life.

All these moments, when viewed together, provide glimpses into a screen actor who echoes the believability of other legendary British actors before him, as in the sensitivity of Peter O’Toole, the self-deprecating honesty of Hugh Grant, and a more rugged masculinity than Orlando Bloom has ever mustered.

“In terms of going forward I just want to stay committed to expressing myself honestly and ensuring that no matter what scale I am working on the artform itself is always the driving force behind any direction I go in.”

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