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Amanda Mitchell’s Unparalleled On-Screen Poise

Actress Amanda Mitchell shot by Elina Dmitrieva

Internationally-renowned actress Amanda Mitchell has always been drawn to adrenaline-fueled detective dramas that showcase her brilliant talents as an analyzing agent of law and order, which is doubtlessly why some of her biggest roles to date have been on crime shows like NBC’s “In Ice Cold Blood” and the enchanting sci-fi series “Starship One.” Commanding the attention of her audience with a deeply-respected ability to bring her crime-seeking characters to life, Amanda has always thrived when playing strong roles that allow her to showcase the natural charisma and firm leadership that’s made her in such hot demand around Hollywood. In her latest upcoming film, “The Blue Diamond Movie,” critics and fans alike are eagerly awaiting another opportunity to view her unparalleled on-screen poise as a detective who will stop at nothing to bring her criminal quarries to justice.

Another one of the many projects that elucidates Amanda’s rare and magnetic ability to enthrall an audience is the series “Starship One” where she takes on the lead role of Detective Olivia Patterson, a no-nonsense investigator who will stop at nothing to save the world.

Harkening back to the golden age of sci-fi and pulling viewers in with extraterrestrial terrors and exotic investigations into the alien unknown, “Starship One” is a new series that’s destined to become a fan favorite of sci-fi lovers around the world.

Infusing Patterson with a dynamic personality and problem-solving mindset, Amanda draws us in with her vast emotional range and impressive combat abilities in the series as she and her team race to remain one step ahead of their pursuers. In relatively no time at all, where episodic series are concerned, Amanda miraculously turns Detective Patterson into a respected authority figure whom audiences can’t help but fall in love with as they raucously cheer for her success.

Such a demanding role required no small skillset from the actress who would fill it; it’s of little wonder, then, that “Starship One” producer Jack Warner noted that Amanda was a natural fit for Detective Patterson, given her martial arts prowess and poignant ability to portray a fierce yet vulnerable agent of the law.

“It was immediate from the audition that Amanda was the perfect and only choice to play this role. Amanda has an essence about her that is so unique and entertaining, and her presence on the screen is mesmerizing,” Jack Warner affirmed, before taking special note of Amanda’s uncanny ability to portray a martial arts master on the big screen. “The role of Detective Patterson required a skilled actress who also had training in martial arts and weapons, mixed with a certain vulnerability, and Amanda had that in spades.”

With spades of experience portraying sci-fi characters who are going up against galactic risks, it’s no surprise she was chosen for “The Blue Diamond Movie,” wherein she’ll eclipse previous sci-fi staples like “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Captain Marvel” by portraying the no-nonsense Scarlett, the Grand Leader of a noble alien race hellbent on survival and prosperity. Audience members will doubtlessly be hanging on the edge of their seats as they watch Amanda inhabit Scarlett’s skin before partaking in a thrilling adventure that will be jam-packed with unexpected twists and turns.

Though she’s become well-known for her work in the genre, all this bold, sci-fi action reveals only a hint of what Amanda is truly capable of. Over the years this talented actress has successfully tugged at heartstrings in roles that have highlighted her range and striking ability to tackle real-world challenges. In the upcoming film “New Hope,” for instance, Amanda portrays one of two sisters grappling with the death of their mother and the rapidly declining health of their hospice-fixed father. Serving as a moral compass to steer the audience into turbulent emotional waters where their vulnerability could be capitalized upon by the stellar actress’ talents, Amanda masterfully tapped into her real-world experiences and emotional past to better portray a fictional character who, to audience members, seems all too real in her suffering.

Playing the on-screen sister of the seasoned actress Lisa Roumain of “West World” and “Avatar” fame was no small feat, but Amanda was more than up to the job. “Amanda brought heart, purity, intellect, and depth to her character June that was simply lovely to watch,” director John Berardo noted as the film wrapped up. “Her dedication to her craft and her giving nature to her cast members is really admirable in this day and age.”

The actress doesn’t just portray boundary-breaking sci-fi starlets for fun; one of the reasons that Amanda has always kept one eye affixed upon the stars above is because her celestial exploits on the big screen remind her of the exploratory journey that is her own life. She is one actress that is definitely no stranger to scouring new frontiers herself as she has travelled around the world in pursuit of the roles best-suited for her immense talents. In Los Angeles, for instance, she’s taken part in widely-viewed commercials flaunting the technical mastery of the Apple Watch, and in her homeland of Australia she’s well-regarded for the voiceover work she’s done in commercials for popular brands like Woolworths and Westpac Banks.

Amanda’s range doesn’t limit her to futuristic roles as a sci-fi heroine, either, as the actress also enjoyed unique opportunities to explore the modern political moment while pushing the boundaries of commonly-understood human sexuality. In “Sex Loving Union Traveller,” a comedy series that left audience members clutching their sides in laughter after forcing them to confront their own predilections towards sex, Amanda helped propel the fast-paced musical comedy to fame with the help of award-winning writer Rain Fuller.

Perhaps it’s her abundance of on-screen talent and zealous passion for acting that’s made Amanda in hot demand when it comes to panels and film events, too. Amanda’s established herself as a wise muse whose opinion is widely solicited by taking part in innumerable panels to speak to audience members and judge the acting savvy of her up-and-coming peers. From the more recent AIF Live ReadLA Panel in May 2019 to the Studio Under the Stairs panel in 2015, her on-stage presence has been lauded by those who were in sore need of the opinion of an experienced actress who knows what sells and what doesn’t.

Taking part in such panels is one of Amanda’s favorite parts of the job, largely because it entails honest, face-to-face interactions in an industry that’s not always kind to those seeking helpful feedback. By steering newcomers to the entertainment industry in the right direction, Amanda’s gone a long way towards cementing herself as an industry expert through her presence on these panels. For all of her dedication to the craft when it comes to special events, however, she’s always yearning to get back on the big screen to demonstrate her outstanding commitment to entertaining her beloved fans.

Jack Warner (left) and Amanda Mitchell (right) on set of "The Blue Diamond Movie"

Nevertheless, audience members crave Amanda’s ability to dazzle them with cosmic sci-fi creativity, which is likely why her forthcoming “The Blue Diamond Movie” is set to be her biggest role yet. For a veteran actress of such productions like “Starship One,” the role should prove to fit perfectly like a glove, yet audience members probably wouldn’t be surprised if Amanda exercised her magnificent acting talents to subvert their expectations and deliver them a performance like nothing else they’ve yet witnessed from her. Humanity may yet remain alone and isolated in this wide universe, but when viewers get to enjoy the spectacle of Amanda Mitchell’s phenomenal abilities on the big screen, they can’t help but feel as if they’re observing other-worldly acting talents. The brightest constellations couldn’t outshine Amanda’s ethereal acting abilities, which will doubtlessly soon deliver another stellar performance for her worldwide fanbase.

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