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Zara Michales on her new ABC series (and a highly anticipated US project)

Zara Michales

Actress Zara Michales shot by Sally Flegg

Zara Michales is one of the few Aussie actors who are able to cite a number of projects when discussing her career. It’s a sad rarity in the Australian landscape that so few trained performers find consistent work, but something that Zara doesn’t take for granted.

“I’ve worked really hard for many years, so I just try to enjoy the days on set when they come.”

In her latest ABC show, Zara forms part of the cast for the hilarious series, Diary of an Uber Driver.

In the show, literally about the trials and tribulations of a Sydney uber driver, Zara’s character Zoe has an uncomfortable confrontation with another passenger in the Uber in the season finale. This meant Zara boasts impressive screen time in the literal climax of the series.

“I loved the whole experience as I got to work on a low loader with Cinematographer Stephen F. Windon who worked on all of the Fast and Furious movies as the Cinematographer/DOP with Justin Lin.”

Zara goes on to explain how she secured the job.

“Diary of an Uber driver was one of my most favourite experiences on set to date. I auditioned for 4 different roles in that show because the Director Matthew Moore wanted to get me on the show in any measure.”

In the show, Zara worked with award-winning actress Caroline Brazier, Aleks Mikic (Secret City), and The Visit’s Ed Oxenbould. The impressive list of names did not go unfazed on the humble actress, but simultaneously represented merely part of a job.

“I think the great thing about the series was that we all really respected one another.”

It’s not the first time Zara has worked with the ABC, as the strong relationship she has with the network was first signalled at the beginning of her career when she appeared in the acclaimed drama, Crownies.

“Crownies was one of my very first gigs in Australian TV. ‘Luisa Balino’ was a great guestie character for me to play. I was a key character in the story line of the episode because she unveils the truth surrounding the key suspect My University professor and his possible involvement in the death of my best friend. I worked on set mainly with Indiana Evans and Hamish Michael. Both played lawyers and were fantastic actors to work with.”

Once she made her TV debut on Crownies, Zara chose to do a number of roles in the sci-fi and action genres. Diary of an Uber Driver and the leading role of Zoe therefore marked a departure from the the action heroines for which Zara has become known.

Don’t fret, however, Zara assures us. She’s just signed on for an action-thriller to be shooting in the United States with a SAG-award-winner - and a franchise is on the cards.

“It is very hard to tell what my career will look like in the next few years. I find now that I am testing for very strong roles these days - from the police detective, tech whizz computer hacker, lawyer, Doctor to the Super hero or young who knows what is in store for me. But that’s the exciting part!"

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