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Jordan Oorebeek creates simple and beautiful music for country artist Wes Mack

As a recording engineer for some of Canada’s top musicians, Jordan Oorebeek must be both extremely technical and highly creative. He has extensive knowledge of studio equipment, as well as the ability to play many instruments. He stands side-by-side with artists and joins them on their journey, manifesting their creative visions into reality.

Oorebeek’s tremendous commitment to his craft has aided the success of many musicians, including George Canyon, Chris Buck Band, Jordan Waller, and many more who have risen to the top of the country music scene in Canada and abroad. He has been directly recognized for his efforts, even taking home the prestigious Recording Professional of The Year at the BCCMA Awards last year. His collaborative approach and an unparalleled passion for what he does are the keys to his continued success.

“A lot of producers have a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude but that is not really my style. I do my best to meet an artist where they are at and listen to what they want to achieve, then navigate the best path to get them there. When I am engineering it’s all about facilitating an atmosphere and vibe sonically that the artist resonates with,” said Oorebeek. “Music is one of the most powerful ways to communicate emotion in our world and whether engineering or producing it’s my job to help the listener get a glimpse into an artist’s soul and feel what they feel.”

One of Oorebeek’s longest working relationships is with actor-turned-musician Wes Mack. Known for his role on the hit series Heartland, Wes Mack turned to music in 2013 and began working closely with Oorebeek. Initially, Oorebeek came on board to engineer three songs for Mack, including his debut single “Duet” featuring Carly McKillip of the popular country duo One More Girl. The song went to the top 10 on country radio, which lead to Mack signing a deal with Universal and doing a full album, “Edge of the Storm”, which was nominated for Album of the Year at the CCMA awards.

Oorebeek has worked with the musician from then on, offering a quality to the music that Mack trusts sonically. Over the years, Oorebeek has developed an unparalleled insight into what Mack requires out of his music, making their studio time together extremely effective. There hasn’t been a release Mack has done that Oorebeek hasn’t been a part of in some capacity.

“I really enjoy working with actors who are musicians because they understand the art of storytelling which is fundamental to creating music that connects with people. Wes was an unsigned, independent artist for the first songs I was a part of and the next thing I knew he was touring with Shania Twain and having top 10 hits. It’s a great feeling to see someone I believed in from the beginning take off like Wes has,” said Oorebeek.

In contrast to many of the projects Oorebeek works on, he and Mack try to explore how stripped down and simple they could go, letting the songs speak for themselves while still maintaining their momentum and energy. A lot of songs focus on big productions rather than a well written song, and Oorebeek wanted to give Mack’s songs a more timeless feel and create something that wouldn’t be tedious to listen to. They were aiming for something that would be long lasting and honest, and they achieved it.

“It’s been really cool to see how Wes has matured through his releases. Wes is a really down to earth and authentic artist so every time I get to work with him it’s a great experience. There’s no ego involved with him. It’s all about making the best art possible and serving the song. He is a super sincere person and I love working with an artist who is willing to be vulnerable and transparent in their creative process. I think Wes’s authenticity is what sets him apart and makes him so easy to connect with,” said Oorebeek.

Oorebeek is currently working with Mack on his next album, which he believes will be his best yet. You can currently listen to Mack’s newest single “Never Have I Ever” on all streaming platforms, and be on the lookout for the next one, “Best Hangover” later this year.

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