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Model Lindsay Solmer's Beautiful Association with Reality Television

Women are taking a much greater leading role these days when it comes to defining what female beauty is; in all its many forms. While they are still the “face” of beauty in front of the camera it’s increasingly common for them to be making the decisions from the creative department and the boardroom. Entrepreneur, designer, and Reality TV star Margaret Joseph selected model Lindsay Solmer to be the face of her latest clothing line because she radiates the strength, independence, and beauty of the modern woman.

The success of Joseph’s lifestyle brand Macbeth and her notoriety as a cast member of Bravo’s multiple award-nominated series Real Housewives of New Jersey (in production for a decade now) has established her as a personality, artist, and business executive of international notoriety. Recognizing the need for the next generation of women to announce their multifaceted femininity, she sought out models who possess a similar charisma and savvy, someone exactly like Lindsay Solmer. As the fit model and Lifestyle model for Joseph’s new collection, Lindsay personifies the perfect brand ambassador. The intention is to motivate women that they are capable of being their own boss while looking the way they want and embracing their own preferences. Solmer relates, “Margaret’s clothing line is 100% a reflection of who she is. Margaret is fun, bold, and most definitely sassy. She’s a fan of changing her look to fit her style and mood; which is why this new line has so many different collections within it. From East Hampton, Valencia, Santorini, and Capri; each group is an extension of Margaret’s personality. And lastly this quote from Margaret which I feel is the essence of the brand. As she says, ‘If you can’t be on vacation, at least dress like you are.’ I’m a curvy girl and I’m confident. I take it as a great honor that Margaret also sees these qualities in me.”

The clothing line’s latest photo shoot features Lindsay with Paige Desorbo of Bravo’s Summer House and Diandra Barnwell from E’s Oh Cosmo. Other photos include women of a wide range of sizes and ethnicities adorned in long dresses, beach cover ups, silk kimonos. and camis. Lindsay is also involved in Margaret Joseph’s upcoming jewelry line, seen in a segment on the next RHONJ season that was filmed at Margaret’s 20th anniversary of being in business party. Through social media, the clothing line website, and appearances on RHONJ, Lindsay is steadily becoming recognized as the face of Joseph’s latest fashion forays. Solmer is ecstatic to be representing the brand as she states, “I feel that the most rewarding part of this opportunity is just getting to work with Margaret and being apart of such an incredible brand. I love that she trusts me and my opinion as well as letting me have creative freedom.”

Dubbed the “blondeturouge” by Margaret Joseph herself, Lindsay Solmer is representing the latest clothing line during a period in which women are claiming power for themselves. Simultaneously, they are demanding the respect and right to clarify who they are as individuals and a gender in a way that has never been seen in America. Lindsay Solmer seems ideally placed to claim her own part of this among the women who see her attributes projected to others.

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