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Actor Pedro Flores Plays a Dazzling Leading Man on Screen

Venezuelan Actor Pedro Flores

Venezuelan actor, Pedro Flores’s memorable performances in award-winning films like “Jay Rocco,” “Match” and “The Truth,” has made him one of the most sought out actors in the industry. With many roles to choose from, Flores prefers projects and stories that will leave an impression on audiences. Flores dedicates himself to complex, well-written characters that push him past technique, allowing him to go places he’s never been before. This type of dedication and passion is a testament to his talent and capacity of taking on leading roles across genres.

Flores admits, “What makes me pick one role over another is the depth of a character and whether or not they can leave a strong mark in the story. When I really have to work hard to create a three-dimensional being that feels and can be relatable, those are the roles I prefer to play.”

When asked to play a veteran with PTSD in the award-winning film “The Truth,” Flores went through a rigorous process to understand the mind of someone who suffers from this illness. It was important for Flores to tell the story of his character Mubarak because he represented the message that was carried out in the film. “The Truth” is an action thriller about a terrorist group that kidnaps a doctor’s family and forces him to bomb an airport. The terrorist group forces the doctor to use his PTSD patients to complete the mission since they are mentally unstable and easy to manipulate.

“This was a very serious project where we wanted to educate the audience while entertaining them so this project had a more meaningful purpose and I just love working on projects that go the extra mile and transcend. It really made me more compassionate, I feel like it made me more human,” Flores said.

Flores’ strong command on-screen embodying this army vet creates an emotional and memorable mark that leaves viewers sympathetic to the character. To be able to delve into the pain of Mubarak was a scary process but Flores took the task head-on preparing and researching PTSD in every way he could. Flores did more than just represent a person but ended up falling in love and empathizing with who this character really was as a victim of PTSD.

“The Truth” director Fahad Olayan says, "Working with Pedro on The Truth was a great experience. After accepting my offer, Pedro started working on the personalization of his character Mubarak, he was very professional and wanted to explore in deep Mubarak’s background in order to create meaningful and genuine choices. Pedro’s performance was very real and authentic and it showed raw emotions, adding production value to the film."

Pedro Flores on the Red Carpet at the Latin American Music Awards

Flores continues to explore and expand his craft as an artist taking on challenges that change his world view and represent cultures that are vastly different from our own. When asked to play the role of Alonzo alongside Alondra Delgado from Mayans and Vida, in “Safe House,” Flores stepped up to the plate and delivered a stellar performance. The producer saw his previous work and knew he would be perfect for the narcos inspired film. “Safe House” is about a young medical student played by Alondra Delgado who ends up escaping Mexicali after she finds out that her brother is involved with the narcos cartel. Her brother is on the run and realizes she must retreat to the U.S. to reunite with her mother.

Flores explains, “I played the role of Alonzo, he had to learn how to survive on his own from an early age and the street taught him a lot. He was born in the US, in Calexico which is right at the border with Mexico. He uses this to his advantage in order to survive and thus become a key partner to the Mexicali cartel.”

Flores's key role in this film carries the storyline to an important and pivotal place. He is the link between the Mexicali cartel and the outside world, where he is constantly crossing the border with people, clothing, cars, weapons and of course, drugs. Flores takes on the responsibility of this character with strength and presence for he is the reason for the turning point in the film, the mediator, that brings the story to life a task only a leading actor can play.

He says, “Alonzo says a lot in the way he carries himself, with his attitude and energy. He has a strong presence and he is very smart, he has learned about how to escape or stay away for real trouble. In other words, Alonzo has mastered how to play with fire without being burned. He’s confident, he trusts himself.”

Actor Pedro Flores

Flores can no doubt deliver a strong leading role in a dramatic series, but he is no one trick pony. As a talented multidimensional actor, Flores is constantly flipping the script and taking on parts that make him grow as an actor.

His key role in the upcoming comedic film “The Festival - The Film” is a refreshing look into Flores’ comedic side, separate from his usual serious roles he takes on. The film is about a girl who is an assistant to film festival director. Chaos ensues when the film director finishes organizing the event and takes off with all the money leaving the assistant to deal with angry filmmakers, directors and actors. Hilariously enough, this film is based on a real story. In “The Festival - The Film” Flores plays a filmmaker from South America who tries to help the girl figure out the mess.

“The fact that not only my character was comedic and from South America, like me, drew attention to this role. I knew this would help me tap into another side of myself as an actor and push me out of my comfort zone,” explained Flores. “I put a lot of effort into preparing for this role because I wanted to make sure the jokes landed correctly and that I had understood the vision the director had for this film as well as the impact of my character.”

With a decade of work from thrillers to comedy, Flores's ability to alternate between characters comes naturally embodying every role flawlessly. He can muster up imagination and stamina that goes beyond technique maintaining the spirit of the character. His opportunity to play challenging characters is a task Flores takes on with rigorous and passionate preparation - to the point where those around him feel a sense of pride in what is being produced. No doubt, Flores makes a natural leading actor with the capacity to hold the responsibility of a prominent characters that will carry out in any project assigned to him.

Flores says, “I hope to keep working on becoming a better version of myself and therefore a better artist and represent my Latino and Hispanic community in the best light. The kind of films I believe in are the ones that make you question your own existence or the ones that makes you feel like hope in humanity is not lost. This is very important to me and I only wish to continue to involve myself in stories the move and inspire people.”

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