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The International Face of Naisha

Naisha Bhargabi seems to have been destined for a future that rejects the limitations of borders. Born in the Northeast India state of Odisha, her family moved to Ithaca NY when she was only eight months old due to her father’s PHD studies at Cornell University. Though she returned to India while still quite young, this period of her life left an imprint on her; one that embraced her own identity without allowing anyone else to place limitations on her self view. It’s the sort of confidence building scenario which is the fertile ground for a successful model and actress, and a perfect description of the adult version of Bhargabi. She has worked with some of the biggest photographers, brands, and actors of international notoriety. You’ve quite likely seen her in huge ad campaigns and now she is beginning to mesmerize the public with her role in motion pictures.

Adidas is the biggest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, second only to Nike globally. When Adidas hired acclaimed photographer Colston Julian to photograph a new campaign for them, he chose Naisha as the face of it. Having worked with her previously on popular campaigns, such as the one which partnered Bhargabi with famed Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor, Colston recognized her intensity as ideal for the Adidas shoot. The results were so popular that it was also featured in the Sony camera Global Campaign. Giving insight into her approach for the photos, Naisha illuminates, “Adidas is a brand focused on sports, personal strength, and facing challenges. For the shoot, I was thinking about the young women who overcame challenges and took a stand. I know what it’s like to persevere and stand on my own two feet. I think that journey and strength was reflected in Colston’s photos of me.” This campaign began a series of sports advertising campaigns for Bhargabi; establishing the gravitas she could bring with merely a look.

Vetting her diversity as well as achieving a milestone for any model is Naisha’s role as the face of Maybelline India. As a one-hundred and four-year-old company, Maybelline has spanned generations featuring iconic class and beauty; from Betty Grable to Linda Carter, Gisele Bundchen to Christy Turnlington, and now Naisha Bhargabi. Naisha was hired to be featured in a commercial campaign shot by director Navazar Eranee. Though filmed in Mumbai, the setting was comprised of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan as it was created for Maybelline New York. Noting the importance of working with such a monumental international brand, Naisha states, “It was a great opportunity and humbling that I was chosen to be a part of such a reputed brand. This was a huge stepping stone in my career; being the face of Maybelline and being featured everywhere. To be a part of this lineage is a blessing and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity. It helped me so much to be visible in the public eye and to show my personality, which to led to more offers.”

It’s a brief list of those who have successfully made the transition from famous model to actress. There’s more than personality required when it comes to moving pictures. Naisha is poised to follow names like Milla Jovovich, Rebecca Romijn, Jamie King, and Famke Janssen, who have both superseded international borders and the delineations of different mediums. Late 2019 will see Bhargabi starring in Tamasha Talkies production A Week of Monday. Directed by Tabrez Noorani, known for Love Sonia, Slum Dog Millionaire (winner of eight Oscars including Best Motion Picture), and Life of Pi (winner of four Oscars, including Best Motion Picture), the story focuses on a young woman’s chance to relive an awful day until she gets it right. Written by the author of 52 Reasons to Hate My Father and The Unremembered trilogy, this is a heartwarming tale about the discovery of what is really important to one’s self. A Week of Monday gives Naisha the chance to reveal yet another side of herself to a quickly expanding worldwide fan base. Her face has been so popular already that filmgoers may have a déjà vu experience when watching her on screen. As the career projection of this model turned actress with a decidedly global appeal continues, the public will get the chance to become very familiar with this Indian born talent.

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