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Sara Rose: Adding That Extra Touch to Nat & Liv

The entertainment industry has been heavily influenced by social media. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have catapulted regular people into fame, garnering international recognition and dedicated fans. Drawing on their creativity and individuality, these social media sensations have found a new way to navigate the media industry by branding themselves as influencers.

Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson are two notorious Instagram influencers who have built a successful fashion and beauty empire online. The cousins, who hail from Vancouver BC, took the leap into television when they appeared for three seasons on E! Network’s WAGS (wives and girlfriends of professional athletes). They quickly became breakout stars on WAGS, with their social media following continuing to increase exponentially.

The cousin’s quick-witted humor, blatant honesty, vivacious outlook on life, and ever-growing fan base, quickly secured them as fixtures on E! Network. Upon the end of WAGS production, Natalie and Olivia were offered their own E! Network show, aptly titled Nat & Liv, set to air March 2019. Produced by Machete Productions & Cineflix, the docu-series offers a close-up of Nat and Liv’s lives as influencers, designers, fashion bloggers, cousins, and best friends.

Launching their careers as fashion and beauty influencers on social media, Natalie and Olivia have total brand control over themselves. During the first season filming of Nat & Liv, they were given total autonomy to manage their style. With their look being as significant a part of their calling card as their personalities, the ladies personally selected Vancouver based makeup artist and hairstylist Sara Rose as their key hairstylist on the show, to ensure a consistently flawless appearance.

Working with influencers such as Natalie and Olivia is different than your run of the mill celebrity. Influencers are known for creativity and innovation, and are very clear about their own look and brand. Sara often meets with Natalie and Olivia to go over their wardrobe selection and discuss the look that will complement it best, based upon the desired aesthetic. This is much more involved and calculated than simply great hair, although that’s the eventual goal. Sara’s work with Natalie and Olivia often includes blowouts and styling, extensions (clip-ins, tape-ins, creating ponytails and Nano-Bead installation), color, and cuts.

“Both Natalie and Olivia have distinctive looks in regards to hair. Olivia has naturally beautiful hair, which she likes to showcase through soft waves, minor volume, and sophisticated elegance. Natalie has a globally distinguished sense of style. She has a clearly defined aesthetic and understands the significance of strong styling on her brand. We all worked closely together to create a multitude of looks throughout the filming of the series,” Sara explains.

As Natalie and Olivia have ventured into new areas of their business, Sara has become a mainstay, vetting her as a valued component in presenting their brand. One episode of the new series centers on the duo’s new clothing line, the “Nat & Liv Collection.” Sara selected and oversaw two teams of makeup and hairstylists for the fashion show introducing the collection; one which also included some surprise guest making cameos. Similarly, when Natalie and Olivia appeared on the cover of HOLR magazine in December of 2018, they brought Sara in tow to guarantee their signature look. Part of what has made these two influencers turned reality TV stars so incredibly successful is that they understand the way the game is played. Imagery and branding are everywhere and appeal to a voracious following. Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson understand that they are always being watched; having Sara Rose aboard their team is one aspect of control that they can always rely on with certainty.

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