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Marine Francoise Lanctuit is Bringing International Influence to Films with Subtlety

It’s dichotomous to say that the world is expanding and yet bringing us all closer at the same time, yet it seems to be true. For those involved in the world of entertainment this is a very benevolent scenario. Actress Marine Francoise Lanctuit may come from Paris but the ever increasing demand for TV and Film, as well as their integration across man made borders, is proving to be an ideal international vocation; that is, for those gifted like Lanctuit. You’re as likely to see her on the big screen as on your iPad via streaming services like Amazon. In the same way that hard work has led to the integration of viewing on varied platforms, Marine enjoys the variety that she experiences in television and film alike. Recognizing the potential for work in many film centers in the world, her multilingual abilities have increased her opportunities as they have for others like Christoph Waltz, Selma Hayek, Javier Bardem, and Monica Bellucci. Hollywood, like many parts of the world, understands that international talent gains international attention…and Lanctuit is another example proving this notion correct.

Acting is about experience and believability for the actor. For those hiring them and the audience, it’s about variety. Seeing and accepting actors in a number of different roles attests to their skill and the willingness of others to view them in this manner. Marine’s work exhibits her course in creating a collection of diverse characters, proving her exceptional talent. The actress appeared as Marloes in Wander and Burn, the Endless Stars, a trio of sixty-minute films centered upon the Theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love. Her intensity in this drama led to her being cast in the series Jones vs the World (streaming on Amazon). As Sam, sister to the main character Jones, she possesses “powers” which she’s uncomfortable with, leading to anxiety and comedy filled moments. In contrast to both these productions is Marine’s performance as Maria in the film Oakland, Eastside Story. Though the film takes place in 1980’s Northern California, it seems eerily relevant today. Two young boys of Mexican descent are immersed in a turbulent environment and choose different paths. The light in the life of one boy is Maria, a social worker at the local community center. She is the daughter of a French/Spanish immigrant family. Lanctuit connected deeply with the role of Maria and her voice in the film stating, “I so admire what social workers, activists, and NGOs do. In a world that is so polarized, it’s important to have something to counterbalance inequalities. Maria doesn’t do it for the money. She’s still young but she knows the children in her program represent the future.” Oakland, Eastside Story was recognized as an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival and SoCal Independent Film Festival

This year promises to offer up more exciting and challenging work from this international talent. 2019 will see Marine starring in director James Zsigmond’s Never Ending Summer alongside such recognizable names as Max Von Sydow (Solomon Kane, Robin Hood, Game of Thrones), Liv Ullman (Miss Julie), Issach de Bancole (Black Panthers), and others. The French actress is also slated to appear in “Checkmate” a thriller happening in a desolate mining town on the outskirts of rural Alaska, also starring Mark Ruffalo (three time Oscar nominee known for Spotlight, Foxcatcher, and Marvel’s Avengers franchise). These highly anticipated films will no doubt continue to vet the range which Marine offers. From comedy thriller sci-fi to Victorian era drama, Marine is bringing attention to what France can offer the entertainment world.

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