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Avoiding Labels with Michelle Sharman

After performing with Ariana Grande

Creativity is synonymous with expression. Michelle Sharman has fashioned a career template from this ethos. More than a decade and a half of live performance work with Universal Studios Theme Parks, Billboard hit singles, and touring with artists like Britney Spears vets her as an accomplished and respected artist. Even amongst all of this, Sharman (aka Shelly) has an almost unquenchable desire to perform and test herself. Her association with EPlus Productions has given her the chance to perform music from “Hamilton”, “The Greatest Showman”, and other celebrated productions across the US. For many of the most successful professionals in the world, this pattern of constant motion and eclectic challenges invites growth and discovery. For Michelle, it’s easier to describe it as simply doing what she has always been passionate about. You’ll be rebuked if you try to impose boundaries on the types of projects you can expect her in. From the performance of her own original music in front of thousands at festivals like Tomorrowland to challenging fitness videos (yes, workout dvds!), Michelle Sharman is an unpredictable talent.

Shelly's “day job” is being a magnetic singer in front of crowds all over the world. Plaques for her number one single “Lost” (a result of her collaboration with multiple platinum artists Vassy and Afrojack) adorn her wall as proof of her success. Still, when offered the opportunity to perform compositions from the musical “Hamilton” at a special event by EPlus Productions, it was too good to pass up. Taking on the role of Angelica Schuyler for this Beverly Hills performance meant deferring her true north as an artist to that of the character. Singing music from another huge hit production, “The Greatest Showman”, at the Venetian in Las Vegas was a more typical presentation for Shelly. A seventeen-hundred-member audience attended the event to witness Sharman and other performers in this multimillion dollar event. Shelly’s renditions of “Never Enough” and “This is Me” were accompanied by violin playing angels and at least a dozen female dancers, creating graceful and sincere moments for the crowd. At a similar event in Reno, Shelly shared the stage with Loren Allred who made her billboard debut with the recorded performance of “Never Enough” for the soundtrack of the “The Greatest Showman.”

Filming the Body by Simone DVD

It’s not always adoring fans and performing in the spotlight; Shelly is prone to mixing things up. Staying loyal to her Australian roots, she appeared in longtime friend Simone De La Rue workout DVD. CEO and celebrity trainer De La Rue has been friends with Sharman since their early days in Australia as professional dancers. Fitness is essentially a requirement for the modern era music star, constantly combining choreographed dancing and singing to entertain audiences. It’s been a lifelong habit which Michelle was happy to utilize in the “Body by Simone” DVD. She professes, “To maintain fitness requires discipline. My career demands a level of fitness from me that requires motivation and determination. I’m not perfect, but I do have a desire to still be on stage, to still work with dancers and train people who want a dancer’s body.” Sharing this expertise and skill with other entertainment luminaries including Jennifer Garner, Reece Witherspoon, Naomi Watts, and others is something which Shelly is passionate about and makes her involvement in “Body by Simone” seem much more intuitive. Artists and celebrities stay relevant by challenging the ideas and limitations so easily imposed upon them, whether by the public or themselves. Michelle Sharman revels in the unexpected, in the chance to keep everyone guessing what’s next. Pushing one’s self to exceed personal limitations is how this Australian talent has become a worldwide talent.

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