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Loomup Ranch Wear's Unique Presentation via Ella DeGea

The best advertisement in any profession is positive word of mouth created by doing an excellent job. This is exactly what led Jamilah Jabali to hire photographer Ella DeGea to photograph her first collection launch for the company Loomup Ranch Wear. DeGea’s known for her incredibly popular photo editorials for such print and online Fashion publications as New Face Magazine, Faddy Mag, Salyse Magazine, Apple Pie Mag, Archive, and others. Loomup Ranch Wear appeals to customers who are discerning about fashion but don’t necessarily follow the status quo. Jabali required an identity that would establish the line across multiple mediums with a focus on social media platforms like Instagram. It was imperative for the images of Loomup Ranch Wear (LRW) to apply equally to websites, advertisements, and social media. The results were so successful that Ella was elevated to official photographer of the clothing line. The presentation of LRW encompasses lifestyle, fitness, and products. While that concept is not completely unheard of, the honesty and sincerity of the approach created by this photographer and the creator/owner most certainly is.

The initial identity of a company, especially that of a clothing line, is the catalyst that can propel or bury it. Any CEO/owner of a fashion endeavor requires an implicit belief that the photographer manifesting the “vibe” of the designs truly understands its essence. Having previously worked with Ella on another project, Jamilah was assured that this photographer was particularly perceptive about the tone of the brand. A lot of fitness companies promote the idea that they appeal to all shapes and sizes but this is not as prevalent as hoped. Fitness and health are not based upon only one body type and Jabali felt it was essential to communicate this. To this end, Ella photographed real day to day people rather than professional models. The core idea was to help people of varied looks and sizes to feel good about being motivated towards fitness and health as a way of life rather than achieving a universal look that we should all aspire towards. While most athletic wear brands target fitness only or a casual lifestyle, LRW clearly has a warm, western lifestyle feel to it. Ella describes her approach, “I provided Jamilah with a variety of styles on a variety of people. She wanted photos of the leggings used in many different environments, whether it be day to day casual wear, in the gym, at the barn, out hunting, going out on the town, etc.” Working with models of all shapes and sizes has been a very successful choice, communicating that the brand values making clients feel good in their own skin. Loomup Ranch Wear’s Jamilah Jabali reciprocates, “Ella’s work has influenced my entire clothing line to line up with success and constant revenue. With the photos she has taken, I’ve been able to promote every style I own. She takes very detailed photos of every outfit, giving me a variety of options to work with to ensure a full spectrum of consumers. We have been able to target so many different buyers with only her photos.”

Loomup Ranch Wear has expanded from exclusively producing athletic leggings to casual everyday wear which includes tanks, hoodies, hats, and other items (including those for male customers). Ella DeGea has been a part of this evolution as the company’s official photographer (other than Jabali’s personal mobile photos). The owner’s desire to offer customers affordable wear with a uniquely western look (deer skulls, camo, etc.) required a practical savvy with an artistic insight, supplied courtesy of Ella DeGea. What we choose to wear is not purely about purpose but also about what we choose to project to others about ourselves.

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