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Sales Specialist Alessandro Amoretti on finding the right product for the client

Alessandro Amoretti’s diverse multicultural upbringing has led him to where he now is today. Born in Latin America, with French and Italian parents, he considers himself to have three mother languages: Italian, French, and Spanish. As he grew, he also become fluent in English, and he realized that such skills, combined with a passion for business and export, would help in a career in sales. He always took an interest in foreign markets and cultures and enjoyed travelling and meeting new people. It was therefore an easy decision for Amoretti to pursue a career as a sales specialist, and now, as a leader in his industry, he has never looked back.

“Sales involves constant communication and meeting new people. International sales lead you to new places and cultures. Therefore, you are always learning and adapting. This is a great opportunity to use my interpersonal skills. It is something I feel I have been trained to do all my life because I moved countries so many times growing up,” said Amoretti.

Amoretti is a sales specialist at Analog Way, a leading manufacturer of image converters. He has many notable projects, including his work with the Ágora International Convention Center in Bogotá Colombia last year, where he helped inaugurate the building and bring it worldwide attention.

The highlight of his esteemed career came back in 2009 whenhe was assigned completely new territories. At the time, Amoretti was sent to the United States to develop the West Coast and Latin American market after having successfully developed the European market. This was a very exciting challenge for him. He met new people, learned about new markets and how they operated, and quickly became highly respected in his industry. He had to adapt to new cultures, new laws, new taxation policies, and eventually he needed to come up with new selling techniques and strategies.

“The challenges offered by this position are rewarding in many aspects. It is a never-ending opportunity to over achieve targets, increase numbers and to develop relational skills. You need to understand your environment. It is an ongoing learning process that helps you to evolve professionally and personally. This is very fulfilling,” he said.

In September of 2016, Amoretti once again impressed on an international stage with his work with La Rural, the largest convention and exhibition center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which held the 5th edition of the national congress of CREA, Argentina Association of Regional Consortia for Agricultural Experimentation. There were 7500 attendees.

“CREA is an important association in Argentina. This was the fourth edition of the national congress and the event had to be perfect,” said Amoretti. “The main reason why I wanted to work on this project was to work with Congress Rental, who is a major Audio Video provider in Latin America with an international presence. Other AV providers and end-users look at what they do and want to use the same equipment. Therefore, to work with Congress Rental is very important to promote a company and its products. This was a major show for Congress Rental, the equipment had to run smoothly.”

CREA was looking for the ideal company to manage the audiovisual backdrop. That is when they contacted Congress Rental, who has been providing high-quality Audio Video services for 40 years. They needed a secure, high-resolution technology, which would accept several video feeds, and would allow a very low latency for high-level presentations. This is where Amoretti came into play. Having worked with Congress Rental in the past, the company knew he had an unparalleled amount of product knowledge and talent.

“Working with Congress Rental is always a pleasure. They are a quite important company with savvy personnel. They do large events, and this was an important show for them. As a sales specialist what I enjoy the most is the personal interaction and therefore, meeting with them in the US or in Argentina is always a great experience,” he said.

Amoretti helped Congress Rental select the correct technology to best address their client needs and requests. To do this, Amoretti visualized how the operators run their shows in order to select products that would give them optimal results. He spent time with Congress Rental personnel to show them the reliability and user friendliness of the products, giving them peace of mind and a sense security during the show. This is what Amoretti is known for; not only does he achieve the best results possible, but always ensures his clients are happy and comfortable with what he is selling.

With Amoretti’s input, CREA decided to go with the Analog Way Ascender48-4K-PL. He provided support and peace of mind by making sure they had the right equipment set up correctly, and that technicians were trained properly to operate the gear. Ultimately, his superb recommendation led CREA’s event to great acclaim.

“It is very rewarding to see that this was a success and they were open to share this in a success story. As I mentioned before, the company has a strong reputation in the market and their achievement is also that of who provided the equipment,” said Amoretti.

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