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Seeing the Future with Sida

To be a software engineer takes many things but perhaps most importantly is vision, followed closely by determination and skill. There is more than just a prediction as to the direction the public will head in, there’s also a commitment to leading the charge there. It only takes a minute to converse with Sida Wang to understand that nearly all of these adjectives describe him. He’s much more than the software engineer who created the app Partiko for Steem users (more about that later), he feels that the barrier to freedom is knowledge. That’s not what you’d expect for someone who speaks eloquently about cryptocurrency and yet, Sida has a way of lulling you into a dialogue that has you agreeing with him. Part of this is due to his deep understanding of this new frontier and the other half is his insistence that this will add to the positive financial future for the individual. Wang is recognized as a leader in both the education of cryptocurrency and its use (via Partiko). He is an ambassador for the financial movement that just may change the world.

Sida created Partiko for Steem users in order to facilitate their increased use of this cryptocurrency. Sida was drawn to Steem because of its nature and potential. Steem is a virtual currency with similarities to Bitcoin but different than Bitcoin in its currency distribution algorithm. Because Steem offers such greater accessibility to those who desire to get involved, Sida wanted to benefit them by creating Partiko. To build a mobile application with a great user experience, Partiko was designed with an adapter which talks to its own server and then talks to the blockchain. The result is a lightning fast response time, culminating in a more enjoyable user experience. Wang notes, “It was paramount that Partiko looks good and works quickly. The major roadblock for Steem users in the past was using it on the go; Partiko not only achieved this but it works intuitively. I’ve literally met friends who bought bitcoin at Coinbase and never knew they could withdraw that into their own wallet. With such high barrier of entry, crypto can’t be easily accessible to people who actually need the financial power.”

As an advocate for new commerce transactions, Sida created Blockbnb during his time at Airbnb. It’s inevitable that a new way of living/travelling will lead to a new way of paying for this. Sida wrote weekly updates about the blockchain space to inform Airbnb employees with Blockbnb. This exclusive internal organization within Airbnb is an affiliation of blockchain-oriented Slack channels, guest speakers, and employees at Airbnb. Blockbnb covers topics ranging from technical discussions of blockchain projects to cryptocurrency and token financial markets. Blockbnb has attracted industry luminaries for speaking engagements like Brian Armstrong (Co-founder/CEO at Coinbase and one of Forbes “40 under 40”), Stefan Thomas (CTO of Ripple, producer of the popular “What is Bitcoin?” video, and the founder of the largest website for novice Bitcoin users, Wang hosted Airbnb's first ever "Crypto Day” in March of 2017 with Elizabeth Stark (Co-Founder and CEO at Lighting Labs) addressing the latest technological developments in the bitcoin world and lightning network. With Airbnb’s status as one of the most innovative and successful companies in recent times, Blockbnb’s notoriety within the company places it on the very forefront of new commerce influence.

Sida’s influence and educational intentions are not relegated to the US as he created Bit.Study to appeal to the people of China. Because cryptocurrency is not in use within China, Wang travelled to Japan to film a video to illustrate just how easy purchasing with Bitcoin is. WeChat influencer Zheng Cao has noted his affinity for Bit.Study and Sida’s work promoting and educating the world about crypto. While his official title is Software Engineer, he might just as aptly be described as the ambassador of cryptocurrency to planet Earth.

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