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Polish Actress Maja Lakomy to star in Andrea Bocelli’s newest music video

Despite spending her days constantly portraying someone else, Maja Lakomy’s favorite part about being an actress is how much she learns about herself. Through her craft, she can explore the deepest corners of her personality. Each new role presents a learning opportunity, and as she embodies someone else, she begins to find aspects of herself she never knew were there. It requires constant research, and Lakomy enjoys the never-ending learning curve. Every role requires something different; every setting provides a new experience; every character ensures education. She is a forever student of humanity, and that is what is most important to her.

“That thrilling and spontaneous aspect of being an actor is worth taking the journey to get to know oneself and those around you, learning about people and connecting with them on a level of the story we're telling, as the characters we're playing,” she said.

Born and raised in Poland, Lakomy has become a force to be reckoned with in her industry. She has starred in films like Diminuendo and Star House, which have seen a lot of success at many prestigious international film festivals. She does not, however, limit herself to film. Earlier this year, she worked for none other than Grammy nominee Andrea Bocelli on his newest music video.

Lakomy was eager to take part in the video. Not only would she be teaming up with a global music icon, she has always felt extremely connected to music. She has played piano for a long time and dancing was always a large part of her life.

“I strongly appreciate stories that are told through music. I believe these types of projects can be very important and tremendously impactful on the audience, especially nowadays, where when they go viral, they reach such a large amount of people. Because music has such great value to me I couldn't feel any more honored to be a part of a project that involves Andrea Bocelli,” said Lakomy.

Lakomy understood the responsibility of her role. As the video has yet to be released, she could not discuss the details of the story, but shooting it, she says, was a delightful experience. The director, the crew and other actors were very professional, outgoing and polite. Everybody on set knew their role, why they were there, and everything was planned out clearly and effectively. When it came to acting, it was very easy for Lakomy to get into the mindset of her character. She has dealt with a similar situation before, so she just jumped right into her memories and recreated them for herself again for the shoot. Everyone she worked with was extremely impressed with her talents.

"I worked with Maja on a music video for world renowned artist, Andrea Bocelli. Maja did an amazing job at the audition, my team and I knew right away that she was made for this part. She was full of energy and ready to work immediately. On set, she was patient and open, effectively communicating with the Italian crew. She took direction well and she showed a great range of emotion. I can definitely say that Maja is a talented actress," said Giovanni Labadessa, the Producer and Founder of Not Film Festival in Italy, the Casting Director and Producer of the music video.

On set, everything was very fast-paced. Shooting with a drone camera was a new experience for Lakomy, but she enjoyed it. On top of this, everybody was determined, had a goal set and made it come to life. Even though the crew was Italian and most of them didn't speak English very well, everyone understood each other without any misunderstandings, despite the language barrier.

Music videos themselves have become a unique opportunity for actors. They have to put on a captivating performance, displaying all of their emotion through facial expressions and emotion, as there is little to no dialogue. Lakomy appreciates what a work of art they truly can be.

“I think in the last couple of decades music videos have changed. They're often almost like movies, and they became this type of art that affects people by the stories and acting. Those types of projects nowadays are even eligible for awards and highest class of recognition,” said Lakomy.

The video was shot in April and will be released later this year. In the meantime, you can listen to Andrea Bocelli’s latest album, “Si”.

As for Lakomy, the actress has many exciting projects coming up. Not only do audiences have this music video to look forward to, the actress will also be starring in several upcoming films, including Straying from You, Moral Iniquity, What’s with the Doll, and Vacay, that last of which premieres at the end of the year.

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