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The Evolution of a Powerful Creative Collaboration: An Interview with Producer Peder Etholm-Idsoee a

David Stewart Jr. (left) & Peder Etholm-Idsoee (right) in Peder's studio

We recently got a chance to catch up with multi-talented musician David Stewart Jr. and music producer Peder Etholm-Idsoee in Peder's Los Angeles studio for a sneak peek into their collaboration on David's upcoming solo project.

Finding a fruitful creative partnership where those involved propel one another forward, constantly motivating each other to take risks and evolve their craft while enjoying the process, is something to be treasured.This is precisely the kind of collaboration that David and Peder have found within one another. Since they first began working together three years ago through the alternative rock band Migrant Motel, for which David is the lead vocalist, guitarist and bassist, and Peder serves as the band’s producer, they’ve created a plethora of heart-pumping rock tracks that represent Migrant Motel’s unique sound.

After producing their album “Volume One,” as well as Migrant Motel’s other upcoming releases, Peder is now working as the music producer on David Stewart Jr.’s solo project. Born in Peru, David brings a diverse set of influences into his music; and, with his impressive vocal range, astonishing skill as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriting prowess, there’s no debating that his highly-anticipated solo project will be one of great artistry. The project is said to be starkly different from Migrant Motel’s heavy rock ‘n roll vibe, one that is expected to reveal more of the artist’s capacity for greatness across genres. Referred to by Peder as a “new age Prince,” David’s solo project will bring in a diverse amalgamation of pop, heartfelt singer songwriter tracks, and Top 40; and with Peder as producer, the production quality will undoubtedly be on point.

Peder, who began playing music at 6 and recording in his teens, brings a unique skill set to the table in terms of songwriting, mixing & mastering, and arranging music, not to mention his rare ability to help the artist find their sound and emphasize that in the finished work. A talented musician and vocalist in his own right, Peder actually plays some of the instrument and sings backup vocals on almost every project he produces. Through his work as the producer on projects for a wide range of bands and artists, such as world pop artist Naika who’s signed to Capitol Records/UMG, award-winning Latin singer songwriter Nico Farias, pop artist Lauren Carnahan and of course, the rock band Migrant Motel, Peder has proven himself to be a diversely talented producer who’s skill extends to all genres. He is definitely one producer who knows how to innovate upon what’s currently in the mainstream, and one we can look to as a strong force behind the scenes in the progression of modern music.

Hey David and Peder thanks for joining us!

To start off, can you tell us how you started working together?

DSJ: We started working together through Migrant Motel and got along so well that it evolved to many other projects and genres. It was a very natural process, to want to involve each other in most things the other is working on.

As a solo artist, what is it about David as an artist that made you want to produce his solo album?

PEI: I have always enjoyed working with David in the different situations where I’ve been lucky to be involved in his work, so when he asked me about his solo project I was immediately on board. He’s musicality and versatility in different genres never ceases to amaze me.

David, can you tell us a little bit about how your solo project differs from your work with Migrant Motel?

DSJ: Very, very different! MIgrant is all about being loud and sexy, the solo project is a way to distribute things that are sometimes more poppy, sometimes more heartfelt, sometimes more Top 40. Basically it is anything that won’t fit into the rock n roll vibe of Migrant Motel.

Peder, you’ve referred to David as becoming something of a ‘new age Prince’-- can you tell us what it is about his solo work that brings that comparison to mind?

PEI: His attention to detail. Prince was well known for being in control of almost all, if not all aspects of his music and his career, something I see in David too. Doesn’t hurt either that he is an incredible multi-instrumentalist and his voice will get the attention of everyone that hears his music.

Peder Etholm-Idsoee (left) & David Stewart Jr. (right) in the studio

As his producer on his solo project, how is the creative collaboration process between the of two of you unfolding? What do you each bring to the table?

PEI: David usually brings in a song idea, sometimes with a beat he created to write over to see what I think, if we both vibe with it then we get to work. From there, and until it’s done, there’s extreme fluidity as to who comes up with what. But mainly David writes the lyrics and melody, and I create the track around that. But we jump back and forth.

So after working with Peder as your producer on Migrant Motel’s ‘Volume One,’ as well as the band’s other upcoming release, can you tell us a little bit about what it’s like working with Peder?

DSJ: Peder is as meticulous technically as he is creative. The amount of heart and soul he adds to each song is incredible, and seeing him go through this process each and every time makes me want to work with him time and time again. He was essential in helping Migrant Motel find a sound, and now he’s helping me find mine. I’m confident we can find it together.

What is it specifically that made you choose him to produce your solo project?

DSJ: I’ve gotten into his creative process so much that now I’m even composing music with Peder in mind! Our relationship has gone from musician-producer to musical partner in every sense. I wouldn’t do anything without having Peder be involved.

Can you tell us about the three new songs you’re about to release? What’s the vibe like and when do you plan to release them?

DSJ: So the next 3 songs are a lot more funkier and playful, differentiating from the dark, aggressive vibe of a lot of Migrant Motel. Similar themes about relationships and life as a 20 year old, but musically it is much more focused on Prince, David Bowie, and other throwback artists that have always inspired me.

Peder (left) and David (right) working on the new solo project

When are the songs expected to be released?

DSJ:Song to be released late winter 2019!

Where did you draw your inspiration for the upcoming tracks from?

DSJ: Everyday life here in LA, relationships, and daydreams. I’ve had a lot of time to marinate these songs, as opposed to the push to get new Migrant stuff out, so I’m excited to have been able to chew on these for as long as I have… I want the first things people hear of mine to be something really special.

Peder, how much influence or input did you have in creating the new songs?

PEI: Over the years we have worked together I feel we have built up a trust. As I trust David’s songwriting abilities he trust my production abilities. That being said, I trust his ear when he has suggestions to the production of the songs, and he trusts my ear for his songwriting, so we’re both comfortable to give each other feedback to make sure that the end result is the best


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