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Antoine Navarro on contributing to the achievement of the 2018 IF Design Award

On paper, Antoine Navarro calls himself an architect designer; however, in reality, he is a polymorph, constantly reshaping himself and molding his talents to suit his latest project. With that, he captures specific moments in time for those who engage in urban, economic, cultural, social, and ecological developments through his architecture designs. He becomes somewhat of a narrator for his clients’ next big adventure and he seamlessly transforms abstract concepts into profound realities before their eyes with the use of his signature holistic approach. Ultimately, he endeavors to ensure that he sets his efforts towards honing the best qualities of his past projects and connecting them with new ideas to keep his work current, appealing, and above all else, unique at all times.

“When people ask me to describe what I do, I like to tell them that I shape the present. Essentially, my work is to write a space story that achieves a number of different needs depending on my clients and their ideas. Every project I work on deals with capturing a specific moment in time and eventually, they become new adventures that I am responsible for bringing to life. My main goal is to maintain my holistic approach to architectural design and to make sure that I take the successful findings of my past work and apply them to my future projects with even more flare,” told Navarro.

For as long as he can remember, Navarro has always had a particular affinity for mathematic geometry and art expression. His unwavering passion and admiration for ancient monuments birthed a desire within him to become an architect designer and from there, he has allowed himself to build a remarkable career with the use of his creative architectural edge and sheer determination to succeed in such a challenging industry. To date, his path as an architect designer has afforded him the opportunity to work with companies like Soul Architecture and ARK Associates Ltd., showing them exactly what he is capable of when he sets his sights on a particular set of goals. One of his proudest moments as an architect designer; however, came just this year, when the esteemed French creative, alongside his team members at ARK Associates Ltd., earned an international award for his work on the well-known V-POINT high-rise commercial building in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Despite the fact that this was Navarro’s first time working on a high-rise building, he made it appear as though he has been doing so for the entire duration of his career. When he joined the project, it was already in its final design phase and its interior mood was seemingly concrete, yet far from what his clients were aiming to achieve through the project. For this reason, his expertise and fresh set of eyes were sought to develop a new design concept for their main lobby. Navarro recalls this as being a challenging time to join into the venture; however, he embraced each hurdle and came out on top in the end.

“V-POINT is designed to be a landmark mimicking the shape of a diamond. So, the goal of its interior design was to echo the elegance and shimmering character of a diamond. We wanted to create a sense of luxury to suit the facade of this diamond skyscraper, ensuring that we didn’t compromise any of the building’s current identity. Over the course of two weeks, I studied multiple concepts and, in the end, three were selected to be presented before our clients and once they approved the development of my plans, I got straight to work. I essentially attempted to look at how the diamond works and find a way to capture that in the building’s interior design. The ceiling, doorways, and other features are shaped as such or decorated with a sleek-looking, expertly patterned diamond designs,” Navarro said.

Navarro’s contributions to the V-POINT tower’s stellar interior design were invaluable and arguably one of the main reasons that it went on to win the 2018 IF Design Award. As part of a larger team, he put forth his pristine understanding of complex three-dimensional space modeling processes, which proved instrumental to the conceptualization of the building’s current lobby. For Navarro, being recognized by the successful attainment of such a prestigious award solidified the fact that he did everything he could have possibly done to make the building one of a kind. He felt as though he had earned the greatest sense of recognition for his efforts and is thrilled by the idea that for years to come, individuals will walk by the building and into the lobby he brought to life, in awe of its beauty and captivated by the fact that there is nothing else like it in this world.

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