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Art Director Cman Wong gains attention of luxury automotive brand with unique design

As an Art Director in advertising, Cman Wong knows the responsibility she possesses every time she starts a new project. She creates all the visual elements internally and externally, from the presentation deck to the overall look and feel of a campaign. She researches her target audiences and aims to generate something that will not only entice them to buy a product, but also to wow their artistic senses.

Initially from Hong Kong, Cman wanted to explore her artistic passion through business. Starting as a graphic designer, she began creating beautiful imagery that sold products. She sees her job as an artist first, and businesswoman second, knowing the importance of imprinting lasting images in her target audience’s brain. This is what makes her such a dynamic force in the industry.

With an impressive resume and having worked alongside many of Hollywood’s elite, including Academy Award winning producer Tan Dun, Cman has had a career many can only dream of. She considers the highlight of this to be when she worked at the agency Sillything, showing her the potential that her work possessed.

“The experience opened my eyes and my art sense really started to develop from there. My boss was a very resourceful, generous and humble person, which gave me a lot of extraordinary opportunities to work with the industry leading brands like Ferrari, Undercover and Dior. I will forever be grateful having the extraordinary experiences and for all I learned working there,” said Cman.

Collaborating with Ferrari was one of Cman’s more prestigious projects at Sillything. Back in 2016, she was in charge of the visual design for Blackbird Automotive at the agency, which later became the official Ferrari dealer in Hong Kong. Blackbird Concessionaires provides sales and after-sales support for Ferrari, a global leader in the design, engineering and production of the world's most recognizable luxury performance sports cars.

Located in Hong Kong's Repulse Bay, Blackbird Concessionaires’ historic premises boasts a dealership that prides itself on upholding the same impeccable standards that Ferrari holds of itself.

Cman was the sole designer, researching the interface layout and providing art direction for the project. She played a vital role in helping Blackbird Automotive become the official dealer of Ferrari Hong Kong.

“I feel so proud and honored of being a part of the automobile team and contributing in my own way and helping Blackbird become what itis now,” she said.

Cman was responsible for creating the campaign that allowed Blackbird to become an affiliate of Ferrari. She began with setting the expectations, awakening the associations and experiences with the brand, and introducing and establishing the “Blackbird aesthetics”. It came into contact with the brand at key stages across the luxury automobile market in Hong Kong.

To create the campaign, Cman began with conducting a lot of research on the automobile and online media platform to come up with the initial design. She used her own experience as a web surfer to maximize the user experience on the website, balancing the readability and aesthetics point of view, and anticipated the best experience for the target audience.

“As an automobile outsider, I am happy that I could not only create a great campaign, but also manage to gain the attention of such a reputable and elegant brand like Ferrari. It’s all about quiet confidence and a unique visual style reflecting the core identity of the brand,” she said.

As the sole designer to take on the project, Cman had the absolute freedom to propose her exact vision for the design. Two years have gone by, and she still recalls the rush of her art being seen and appreciated by so many. Every time she completes a project, she feels that same sense of accomplishment, and nothing else can compare. She encourages all those who aim to follow in her footsteps to keep working hard.

“Make errors, think and never give up. In the very beginning of my first job, I realized that I didn’t know nearly as much as I thought I did. Learn from your experiences and eventually you will truly become an expert,” she advised.

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