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Yves Saint Laurent Male Model and Entertainer Richard Rennie on his Career

Model Richard Rennie

Model Richard Rennie shot by Joseph Sinclair

It’s easy to think modeling lacks talent and skill. People out of this industry suggest that all one needs to do is stand still and pout. But for all models, male models in particular, it’s a different game entirely. Every professional has to maintain peak physical fitness, an understanding of their body in the way that any performer or athlete would, and an intimate knowledge of client needs to convey the portraiture in such a way that encourages buyers and customers.

Richard Rennie is one of those few. An incredibly high-earning male model in the upper-crust of the profession, Richard earned $3000 alone for his La Halle campaign in Europe. The company is merely one of many of Richard’s clients who he has served over the past decade. His role as a model for the company is so crucial to La Halle’s success, industry insiders call Richard “Richard Money, not Rennie.”

Adverts have appeared all across Europe, including right near the Eiffel Tower in France and on the main strip in Paris leading up to the Champs D’Elysses.

Along the way, Richard has also enjoyed success as an Yves Saint Laurent model, the legendary high-fashion powerhouse that is incredibly strict on its models who front the brand. Indeed, Richard has become something of a ‘face’ – not simply a generic model for clothing companies, but a representation of each company’s values and ethos because of the success from other fields that he brings to the campaigns.

“Most companies hire me because of my personality, and achievements as an actor and dancer,” Richard explains. “Yes, obviously I need to book the job based on my efforts as a model, but I think the crossover effect helps with solidifying my relationships with certain companies and why customers are lured to my campaigns.”

Richard’s career highlights as a model also include roles with Playboy Underwear, DIM Underwear, and an affiliation with Volkswagen. “I like being associated with companies that aren’t just clothing companies,” Richard elaborates. “Because the reach of something like Volkswagen is obviously really high and integral to most of Europe’s way of life, as well as America’s. It’s such an iconic company.”

Mr Rennie’s work as a model has also been showcased at the prestigious Eleven Paris showroom, which has seen the likes of Kate Moss, known as the most famous model in the world photographed for their campaigns; such is the exclusivity of the venue. It is no surprise that Richard appeared there as well, but simply serves as further proof of how high he has reached in his ladder of success in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Among Richard’s other work? Vintage Wedding Love Show, Lee Cooper fashion Show, and the Capezio Dance Wear Fashion Show which merged the talented artist’s skills as a dancer and model into one lavish event. The Scot has also been featured in Example, No.ise Magazine – in which he was photographed by the renowned photographer, Stuart Weston – and Friendly Magazine.

All of these of course don’t define him, but simply are examples of his globe-trotting dalliance as a multi-skilled artist.

“I like to keep things different and switch up my routine – being able to work in a lot of different areas, at the top level, is really exciting and something for which I am very grateful.”

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