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All eyes on Allison Giroday's work for 'Bachelor in Paradise' wedding

Despite being one of the oldest in the world, the cosmetics industry continues to reign as one of the largest, most prosperous industries in the world. It is estimated to be worth upward of $445 billion and in an ever changing, technology-driven society, the makeup industry in particular is astounding economists all over the globe. According to Forbes Magazine, the makeup industry has become a gold mine for self-made women. As a consequence of the societal shift taking place in the consumer market, makeup artists are required to do far more than simply apply products to their client’s face. They must be just as savvy with an app like Instagram as they are with a blending brush and they must be prepared to differentiate themselves amidst their fierce competition.

Take Allison Giroday, for instance. The successful Canadian business guru has established a strong presence in the makeup industry, having transformed the look of well-known celebrities like Lights and Steve Nash for a number of prestigious events. What tends to go unnoticed, however, is the background work that Giroday’s job demands. When she isn’t working directly on her clients, Giroday spends her days attending to important emails, filling and balancing her schedule, creatively planning upcoming makeup looks, managing her Instagram page in order to retain existing clientele as well as attract new ones, selecting images that best represent her work, and much more. She is also an avid beauty blogger, providing her followers with in-depth beauty breakdowns about new and exciting products on the market. She sets a precedent for others aspiring to do what she does, and she makes it look effortless.

“No two days in my job are ever the same. Whether that has to do with the range of clients I receive, or the variety of shoots and events I partake in. Even if I’m working with a repeat client, the location could vary or their look could change. That’s what keeps it interesting. I’ve experienced everything from working in 5-star hotels, to back alleys for editorials. It’s definitely a full time job and it can be challenging to make everything work well, but it’s all so worth it because I love what I do and I feel it’s a blessing to have found that,” told Giroday.

Residing at the top of such a flourishing industry is no small feat, particularly one where billion dollar brands are competing with self-made Youtubers and social media influencers. For Giroday, it is important to keep her style fresh and up-to-date in order to ensure that she stays in stride with her competition. One of the main reasons she remains so highly in demand, however, is because of her unique style and the personal touch she incorporates into all of her signature looks. It can be described as being beautiful and alluring, yet natural, a look that all makeup artists may aspire to achieve but it is no easy feat to master.

Imaginably, with a jam-packed schedule like Giroday’s, there isn’t much time left over to spend watching television. There is, however, one show she watches religiously: The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. For this reason, when Giroday was approached about the possibility of working on Bachelor in Paradise alumni, Marcus Grodd and Ally Lutar’s wedding, she couldn’t resist. Having previously worked with the two on their People Magazine engagement photo debut, Giroday was already familiar with the couple and was eagerly anticipating the project.

Setting all of her excitement aside, Giroday knew that this was going to be a challenging event. The ceremony took place in the evening and therefore, she needed to not only play on the evening lighting, but also ensure that Lutar’s makeup would last the duration of the event without smudging, fading, or becoming oily.

“Ally has gorgeous strong features, with full lips and very high cheekbones. I wanted to create a look that would enhance those features in a subtle way so she would look glamorous, without being overdone. The look was seamless and diffused, no harsh lines. I chose tan tones with rose-gold highlights paired with very glowy, golden skin, and fluffy lashes. Lastly, I chose a neutral pink on both her cheeks and her lips to create a monochromatic feel. She looked immaculate and she absolutely loved it,” Giroday recalled.

Working on this highly publicized event served as a reminder that there is little room for error in Giroday’s profession. The pressure associated with applying makeup for an individual in the public eye can be intimidating, but Giroday looked the challenge in the eye and ran with it. She analyzed the task at hand and she developed a plan to give Lutar, as well as her fans, a look they would never forget. It is this ability to carefully plan every last logistical detail of a particular project that makes Giroday so successful at what she does.

In the end, the ceremony, and inevitably Giroday’s hard work, were covered by People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, OK Magazine, Hollywood Life, Life & Style Magazine, E! News, and more. Knowing that all eyes were on Lutar meant that all eyes were on Giroday’s artistry and with her reputation at stake, she proved to the world, once again, that she was born to be a makeup artist.

Photo by Liz Rosa

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