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Casting Light on a Woman's World: Brooke Chamberlain

Brooke Chamberlain has possessed something for nearly her entire life that most people never get; clarity. She was passionately driven to spend her life in pursuit of acting roles since childhood. Some people never feel that they would push themselves to the limit to achieve a goal. In some ways, modern life has become so comfortable that the thought of sacrificing this does not even enter into consideration for many of us. Conversely, Chamberlain’s course as an actress requires continually placing herself into emotionally and physically demanding situations; not “Is there fresh milk in the fridge?” type of circumstances but rather “Your brother has just been murdered and your father is going crazy” scenarios. Yes, it’s a bit of production magic but the continual travel for work, the long hours, and the demand to be out of one’s comfort zone can be overwhelming at times. Of course, if you question Brooke about this, it’s all become a way of life for her and is eclipsed by the opportunity to not only make a living but to be celebrated among peers and audiences for her work. Her resume is eclectic and serves to prove this actress’s pursuit of forcing herself into productions which demand her to present herself differently every time.

Acting is sometimes like a form of therapy for both the actor and the audience. Those like Brooke who perform a role are able to work through a myriad of emotions and experiences that they might never have in their personal life but can inhabit through their work. This creates a connection with the character for them as well as for the viewer. Bonding with these characters may help us understand people in the real world, people like Krystal. In the feature film Phoenix Rising, Chamberlain appears as Krystal, a young woman struggling to pay her bills and provide for her child. The need to do this results in Krystal working in a brothel. While she is not a prostitute, working there rips away part of Krystal’s soul. The story centers on one woman’s journey to find the online predator who killed her daughter. The film was produced in association with 'The Carly Ryan Foundation' and 'ACT for kids' children's charities. Brooke found a great deal of positivity about her inclusion in the film. She states, “I had a great upbringing and was very loved whereas Krystal didn't. I enjoy discovering what others might have gone through, it makes you less judgmental as you’re forced to see the world through someone else's eyes. I believe we can all learn from these hard times and tragedies which can makes us stronger or weaker depending on the choices we make.”

Brooke is seen in the Australian feature thriller The Dunes as Emma, a young real estate agent with a heart of gold. This psychological thriller, set in the small fictional beachside town of 'The Dunes' in Australia on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, is full of twists which turn Emma and the town upside down. Delivering a message of caution about substance abuse, Chamberlain’s performance has garnered a great deal of attention. The Dunes director Martin Copping proclaims, “Brooke was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her performance was breathtaking. She brings an element to the film that really shows her fearlessness as an actress in the choices she made.” The film depicts the individual responsibility we all have for embracing the light or dark in ourselves.

The projects this actress takes on are not all tense and dramatic. Chamberlain travelled to glamorous global events such as Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Tel Aviv Fashion Week as the host of Fashion News Live. The program appears on Amazon Prime’s streaming service. An “OG” to the fashion game, Brooke started her own label at sixteen (“Chamberlain”) which was sold to the local stores near Byron Bay, Australia and in the local markets. She went on to earn a degree in fashion and textiles until her acting opportunities became undeniable. Hosting Fashion News Live gave her the chance to utilize her camera skills with her first love of fashion. It’s a much more intuitive blend than one might expect. Brooke relates, “As an actress, you always find a way to place yourself into the character. It’s not about just speaking your lines, you have to listen and feel what the partner in your scene is communicating rather than just waiting to speak again. Hosting a show like this is about speaking from a place of interest and knowledge but even more so about listening. I’ll admit that I truly love conversation though.” Along with fashion icons like John Richmond and others, Chamberlain interviewed fashion lovers and actresses like fellow Australian Abby Cornish (of the multiple Oscar winning Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri). Brooke tells, “Abby was an absolute delight to interview. Her fun free spirited personality really showed. She was kind and had a lovely easy going nature. Of course, she's an Aussie so we bonded over our love for Australia and our sarcastic humor.”

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