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Editor Ran Ro uses dance background to inspire rhythmical cuts and style

Ran Ro found her way into film editing in an unconventional way. She did not spend her childhood dreaming of the days when she would be a filmmaker. Instead, she began by creating contemporary dance films that she also directed. Because of her dance background, she had a very clear sense of how a dance performance should be shown when it is in the form of a video. She collaborated with dancers to make choreography pieces and during that process, she planned for shots that she wanted to get, knowing in what order she wanted them and how to arrange them when she then edited the film. Slowly, her passion transitioned from dancing to editing, and she has never looked back.

“While editing, I really enjoyed putting together a variety of shots to restructure the choreography to add dynamic energies to it. I apply this same principle to any kind of content that I edit, whether it’s narrative films or documentaries – I think of the rhythm of dialogue as a piece of choreography,” she said.

Ro’s style of editing is therefore very music-driven, whimsical and rhythmical. She tends to utilize the movements of eyes or subtle body movements of a subject as a cue for cutting, and she also plays with perspective; as if the camera is a subject of observance itself, using sharp and quick cuts. This is exemplified in all of her work, from her film In Between to her commercials for Elite Model Management and Tastemade. She is known both in her home country of South Korea and internationally for her talent and commitment to her craft.

“Editors can often find it challenging to accomplish a quick turnaround on a tight deadline. When there are time constraints, that urgency can affect editing and the pace of the project. However, by communicating with the producer and director as much as possible to understand what needs to be done creatively to materialize their vision and what steps need to be taken to get there logistically, this is an easy problem to overcome,” she advised.

When making the “Get Outside” video campaign for BackBeatRags, Ro’s editing was essential to raising brand awareness of the company’s environmentally conscious clothing through beautiful imagery depicting the designs in the stunning natural backdrop of Malibu.

“The initiative of ‘Get Outside’ is important especially to our generation that spends the most time on social media and electronic devices and therefore often are isolated. I think that the video motivates people to reconnect with nature and also raises awareness about ethical choices in fashion,” said Ro.

Ro was instantly drawn to the project upon learning about BackBeatRags clothing being environmentally conscious. The Los Angeles based brand also collaborates with family-owned businesses on transitioning vintage tees into cut-above fashion basics as they incorporate environmental-friendly practices in their designs by using low-impact goods. Immediately, Ro wanted to be part of the content that promotes ethical shopping.

Ro began working on the commercial in May of 2017. Working on this project, as she describes it, was one of the strangest experiences she has ever had as an editor in the best way. Once she sat down and looked through the materials, she immediately felt extremely connected to the brand and their message and was able to assemble a complete piece in less than an hour, and the director was happy with that initial cut.

“I really liked the motive behind the project and that it was set in nature which complements the environmental-friendly products of the brand. I had so much creative freedom as an editor and that’s why I was able to tune into the project and maximize the dreamy tone of the campaign. I feel very appreciative that I was brought onto a meaningful and visually compelling project and to have an experience of being completely in sync with a project that I didn’t direct,” she concluded.

Check out Ro’s editing work in “Get Outside” for BackBeatRags here.

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