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Sasinun Kladpetch impresses with her artistry at DZINE exhibition

At only 28 years old, Sasinun Kladpetch has become an internationally in demand visual artist. Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, art has always been Kladpetch’s passion. She uses her innate creativity as a platform to send important messages to her audience. Each piece she creates showcases a part of her, and that is why she finds art so endearing; she always aims to engage her audience, inviting them to think about what they see and feel. To do so, she uses an abstract and minimalistic style, allowing her works to become a sort of self-portrait, reflecting her thoughts on life, and more specifically, the environment. It is this approach that has allowed Kladpetch to be recognized internationally for what she does, and why she has such strong a fan base.

“I work with materials such as clay, soil, plaster, concrete, and plants. I decided to use raw materials combined with man-made materials to show the coherence of beauty. The materials and the artistic style are my uniqueness,” she said.

Currently, Kladpetch is impressing art lovers in San Francisco with her piece at the DZINE Gallery’s exhibition Tracks and Echoes, running until April 27th, 2018. For the current exhibition, Kladpetch presents a collection of mixed media works of art that are inherently sculptural, combining organic and industrial elements in totemic forms. She also has been honored with special recognition, receiving the gallery’s “Maker” title. Only one artist per gallery exhibition is awarded this prestigious title. Kladpetch was recognized for her uniqueness and special talents.

“As curator for the gallery program, I enthusiastically recommend Sasinun as an artist producing fully realized works composed in mixed media. We believe in Sasinun as an artist, and she and her work are intrinsic to our program. Her concerns for this combination of the natural world with the urban environment have a uniquely 21stcentury point of view. This artist addresses global ideas in her work of art and we feel her work is relevant to much larger issues. Sasinun is a valued member of the San Francisco arts community,” said Philip Bewley, Gallery Curator and Fine Art Advisor.

For this project, Kladpetch focused on the decorative aspect of her work beyond simply just expressing herself. To do this, she thought from the audience’s perspective. She wanted to create something simple but still unique. The installation of the artworks was also very important for this project. How a piece is installed or presented is a large part of its beauty, and Kladpetch was aware that some clients who would be looking to purchase her pieces may not be as familiar with how to hang artwork. This was something she considered when creating her piece; it had to be easy to install but also creative. Also, her aesthetic had to be coherent with the style of the gallery. DZINE is an interior company, so the gallery was looking for fine art that was unique while also functioning as a decoration piece. Among the home furniture decorations, Kladpetch’s work shines brightly, enticing buyers and attracting guests to the gallery.

All of the feedback for the event, especially regarding Kladpetch’s work, has been extremely positive. Not only has the artist been approached by several buyers and fans since the exhibition began, but it has also been extremely popular on social media, and covered extensively by San Francisco Magazine and Modern Luxury magazine.

“I love working with the gallery. The gallery space stimulating me to create something unique but also conformity with the rest of the objects in the space,” said Kladpetch.

Kladpetch is also known for her outstanding work with the Dab Art and Hang Art galleries, as well as the 50|50Exhibition at Sanchez Art Center. With her success, she always makes sure that her work is giving back, and often donates her work to charities or takes part in charitable exhibitions. When asked about the highlight of her esteemed career, however, the artist could not pick one single moment.

“For me the highlight of my career is the opportunities that I’ve got. Every step was part of the process to becoming a successful and recognized artist. It’s never just about making money, and if that is your motivation for creating, then you shouldn’t do it. It’s about who you become and how you feel with yourself. Many times, I’ve been given the opportunity to use my work to make someone’s life better, and that’s one of my life’s purposes as well. The moment that I answer people with, “Yes, I made that.” It is such a feeling that no words can describe,” she concluded.

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