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(Beauty Influencer @KristenxLeanne teaches you how to get the look in store)

Taking that perfect selfie or video that generates tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of “likes” gives us a feeling of connection and momentary happiness. Countless companies across the planet have sought how to monetize and utilize this aspect, hopefully in a mutually beneficial manner. One of the most incredible success stories of this occurring happened as the traditional approach met the modern approach, when L’Oreal acquired NYX Cosmetics. L’Oreal is the world’s largest cosmetics company and is in their second century of prominence. No company lasts that long without being astute. When the Parisian company purchased NYX Cosmetics for half a billion dollars in 2014, it was evident that technology and culture was experiencing a shift.

The brand philosophy of NYX is marketing to cultural diversity. An array of races and different genders has been the focus of NYX, far from the homogenized traditional approach pervasive in much of the industry. While this core principle of NYX reflected their intent, the revolutionary and modern means of connecting with consumers is what has caused a wave of new approaches among imitators in the industry.

Digital content and education is the heart of NYX. The genius behind the production of this is editor Amir Heshmati. His acclaimed work on films with some of Hollywood’s most recognizable names led NYX to seek him out to create a similar production level for their purposes. The result of this has earned NYX such awards as ICMAD Cosmetics Innovator of the Year – Social Media, WWD Brand of the Year in 2013 & 2015, and WWD Digital Innovator of the Year in 2016. As the designer, director, and editor, Amir’s work in presenting the ideals of NYX is integral to this success. It also illustrates how creative individuals of different mediums are finding new ways to integrate evolving media in present day. Mehdi Mehdi (NYX VP of Digital Marketing) notes, “Amir has been an indispensable member of the NYX digital and marketing teams for over 5 years. During this time he has produced several hundred pieces of digital content that has had a tremendous impact on the brand image and directly on our sales.His content has also been a key growth driver for our social media pages, which now reach an audience of over 17 million followers globally. Amir’s value to the brand is truly immeasurable.

In the edit suite with Amir Heshmati and Beauty Influencer @IluvSarahii

(In the edit suite with Amir Heshmati and Beauty Influencer @IluvSarahii)

Retail Video Bars were a key strategy in NYX. Using iPads in these areas of stores (beauty bar, lash bar, and brush bar) to educate consumers about their products, NYX communicated that they understood the comfortability that a certain demographic felt with technology. The production/tutorials for these are updated each month to stay timely and present new products and techniques. The NYX app brings all of this content (brand videos, product promo videos, etc.) and experience to customers in a mobile form.

Beauty Drop is a video series designed to announce the new NYX products for each season. Initially presented on the company’s YouTube channel (with hundreds of thousands of views), these are later disseminated on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. NYX’s Instagram followers number more than twelve million. The company also hosts its own “Face Awards” for “Beauty Vlogger of the Year.” Contestants compete in challenges and the six finalists are flown to Los Angeles for a ceremony to a crowd of thousands of attendees and streaming to more than 100,000.

Makeup education at the Brush Bar in a NYX Professional Makeup Store

(Makeup education at the Brush Bar in a NYX Professional Makeup Store)

NYX has demonstrated that the integration of a truly global approach which permeates their mission and implementation has created one of the most popular and profitable models in the market. This template has obvious implications for a variety of products. Proven why they have lasted so long, L’Oreal has encouraged NYX to keep its aesthetic and progressive approach. NYX has proven that our differences can be our greatest strength.

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