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Network Star Joel Hogan

Hannah Stanton (left), Joel Hogan (center) and Laura Benson (right) at the "1500 Steps" premiere

Joel Hogan has truly found his calling on stage and on screen. It’s fitting therefore that this Australian actor, who has enjoyed a tremendously prosperous career in Australia where he is one of their top-earning actors, is also achieving big things in the American entertainment industry.

Being in such illustrious company is simply part and parcel for this young thespian who has enjoyed a significant level of success that would make any other actor envious. Besides earning more than $562 an hour for being the face of well-known burger chain, Hungry Jacks, when stage actors in Sydney earn the mere average of $18 an hour, Joel has earned the respect from his colleagues.

“It’s just part of my job, being well-known doesn’t mean anything in the long-run.” Joel’s humility is clear and surprising, considering not only his long list of credits but also his membership of the prestigious AACTA organisation in Australia, which requires an actor to have had leading roles in successful TV and film productions. Lucky Joel has that and more, given his additional roles in theatre and as a dancer and singer. Most recently though, Joel has been devoted to film work. He has feature film “Vicious” with “Osiris Child” actor Dean Kyrwood lined up, along with “Merian C. Cooper” and “Your Journey Ends Here” from Just One More Productions director Gerald Rascionato.

“I don’t necessarily discriminate between mediums – I love both TV and film.” Not discriminating has helped this talented artist, as he has now appeared in multiple roles on the Australian network Channel 7 – as Tom in “Home and Away”, and featuring on the ARIA Awards alongside musical artist Pink. The awards telecast represent one of the network’s biggest annual ratings’ grabbers. “It’s safe to say that Hogan has confirmed his place as part of the ‘Seven’ family,” says Hogan’s Australian agent, Michelle Horner.

Joel is well-known in Australia for achieving the rare feat for playing a crucial role at two-rival networks – such is his beloved reputation in his home country, he has appeared in leading or key roles across numerous productions which have screened on both stations. One Channel Nine exec described Joel as the “network’s golden boy” – while a Channel Seven source characterised Hogan as a “true Seven star.”

Indeed, Joel has enjoyed roles on Channel Nine through his critical roles in the Warner Bros’ Produced “Magical Tales”, “Dirty Dancing: Time of Your Life,” and featuring in the networks numerous commercials as the ‘face’ of huge brands like KFC and Hyundai. “I feel very fortunate to have played a valuable and respected role at both Channel Nine and Channel Seven.”

Hogan’s success has also lead to him being appointed an official lead judge at the recent LA Film Awards in Los Angeles, after his run as a judge at Top Shorts and LADFF.

Exclusive venues and events are the norm though for this humble Aussie, as he recently enjoyed seeing his leading performance in “Open Water 3: Cage Dive” at the Sitges International Film Festival, which has previously hosted and awarded actors like Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon (HBO’s “Big Little Lies”) and Juno Temple (HBO’s “Vinyl”) for their work. If Joel’s performances are screening in their company, it’s clear he is at the top of his profession.

Joel Hogan’s profile has led to him enjoying the perks of acting in international campaigns for companies like Hyundai and Sony. Hogan conceded he received an “impressive salary” for his work in such advertising shoots, but the company’s owners told our editors that Joel’s campaigns were incredibly well-received around the world because of his involvement, thus leading to an increase in customers.

Joel Hogan

Still of Joel Hogan in the upcoming film "Chameleon"

With numerous American feature film and TV roles in the can, and with a substantial body of work in Australia, one would expect Joel might want to stop answering the phone calls from his agent. This young man though seems committed to his craft and shows no signs he’ll stop achieving anytime soon, with upcoming roles for Forte Pictures’ “Chameleon” due to bow later in the year. “I am living the dream that I always dreamt as a young boy. It’s truly become a reality and for that I’m forever grateful. Now I just need to keep creating and keep striving to do whatever I can to give back and help make this world an even better place.”

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