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Malavika is the type of artist who you might see rocking onstage somewhere along the East Coast, in Boston maybe, and then giving a soulful intimate performance in LA at Hollywood hip/hot spot Hotel Café. She is magnetic, eclectic, and always seems to hold something with which to surprise the audience. Her natural talent is something she has honed (through years of study at some of the world’s most prestigious music institutes and music venues) into the type of charisma that divas (the good kind, not the troublesome ones) are known for. She’s global, and that’s no exaggeration. Born in Abu Dhabi, and calling India, and the US home at different points in her life and career, Malavika has proven that she can make it anywhere. This omni-cultural appeal has led to recognition as an entertainer who proves that talent, emotion and commitment are universally appreciated and admired dialects. The diversity of settings in which she exhibits her talent is as eclectic as it comes. Fronting huge ensembles in performances for major world leaders, Broadway style performances, and recording and promoting her own music for her fans, this singer/songwriter has the universal appeal that allows her to excel in every musical setting.

Malavika is often seen performing in the “hot spots” where industry professionals frequent and fans line up for entry. In contrast to this, she is also at ease in the most formal of setting. Malavika was a featured artist at the performance for the Clinton Global Initiative held at the Dubai American Academy. A truly international mix of dignitaries, professionals, and regular citizens witnessed Das performing in various ensemble settings. Displaying her emotional and musical versatility, the singer performed with piano accompaniment, with a full band, and even a chorus of ten singers backing her up. She recalls, ““The actual performance itself was truly a spectacular experience that I will continue to cherish for the rest of my life. I cannot believe I was provided the opportunity to perform in front of the Ruler of Dubai once again and for the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton! I was nervous at first but after singing the very first line I was at ease and gave it my all. I interacted with the crowd and with the ensemble, back and forth, sharing the moment together which made it truly special and connected us all. I felt like the audience was with me every step of the way. There were moments where I was looking at Bill Clinton in the eye and singing to him because he was right in front of me, which made me nervous but I tried to focus on my performance and not let anything deter me from giving my best.”

In a much more collaborative and scripted musical environment, Malavika was selected by producer Julian Chenery, and actors Terel Nugent and Leanne Jones to perform with the original West End Cast of Hair Spray the Musical. For a sold-out five show run, she performed alongside Leanne Jones (winner of the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical, the Critics Circle Award and Theatregoers’ Choice Award for Best Actress and was the Glamour Woman of the Year Nominee), Terel Nugent (British Actor known for his roles in the original West End production of Andrew Lloyd Webbers’ Wizard of Oz as well as Mary Poppins), and the production’s immensely talented cast members. Das expresses her excitement at performing in this production alongside the iconic Leanne Jones who is known for her performance as Tracy Turnbald in the Musical Hair Spray (Winner of 8 Tony Awards and 4 Olivier Awards). Her immense respect for the West End musical tradition and her costars is evident as Malavika explains, “Although my songs had a lot of soul/r&b influences, they were songs from Hairspray, the musical so I did have to mirror Leanne and Terel’s classical musical theatre style as well as use my natural R&B influences to perform these songs. It had to be the perfect ‘in between’. It took a look of practice and dedicated hours of rehearsal as the role required me to dance and sing at the same time.”

The talent this singer possesses often results in her enlistment to perform at events and productions such as these but her primary focus is on her own music. As of late she has been working with music producers who also work with such recognizable names as Usher, TLC, Syd, Christina Aguilera and Troye Sivan. Her upcoming single “Voodoo” is an urban rhythmic pop song that features Malavika’s vocal talent as well as her songwriting style. Simultaneously, she still finds time to collaborate with talent back home with artists such as the winner of “X-factor Dubai” Hassan Hawsawi. Das has always felt connected to the musical population rather than focusing on borders. Art and music in particular for this artist crosses all borders. Just like the musical talent from other parts of the planet that spoke to her in her youth, Malavika Das is excited to be an artist who inspires the next generation.

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