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Ashley Bruzas encourages all to embrace shift toward technology-driven business strategies

It is official: the shift toward technology-driven business strategies has commenced and individuals all over the world are stepping up to the plate. In the case of 24-year old Digital Writer and Content Producer, Ashley Bruzas, mastering the use of online platforms to build her own, authentic web-based success has become second nature. For the highly sought-after Canadian online business mogul, using a variety of social media sites allows her to showcase her own talents, as well as the products and services of major Canadian and international brands in a new, intriguing way. She is a journalist by heart and a social media guru by day, using her expansive knowledge of both fields to establish a profound career. With tens of thousands of followers engaging with her online alias, Veronika Stealz, she is showing the world just how useful the internet can be in reaching unexplored, online demographics and selling content to a new generation of consumers.

A day in the life of a Digital Writer and Content Producer is unlike most typical, “nine to five” jobs. On the contrary, Bruzas work never stops. Typically, she begins her work day by checking up on emails, managing new job opportunities and keeping in contact with the employees of whichever companies are associated with her ongoing projects. As a journalist, she also finds it imperative to keep in touch with current events, perusing websites such as CNN and Twitter regularly to ensure that no major news stories go amiss. Then, she puts herself to work, writing for her own blog,, or other blogs that she submits to such as On top of that, she continually researches and connects with different companies, sources, or event planners working with content that aligns with the her own. Whether she is writing about local events, or creating digital content in the form of photography or videography, she is always on the go. Every day involves an abundance of writing, editing, browsing, researching, publishing, and much more. Fortunately, through her various work experience, she has developed her own content production style and not only meets her deadlines with ease, but oftentimes even beats them.

Given the current influence of technology and social media platforms on consumer markets, global economics, and business customs around the world, companies are often eager to work with young, energetic online presences just like Bruzas. For this reason, companies like THINQ Technologies are always on the hunt for ways to engage with this relatively undiscovered online territory and jump at the chance to collaborate with experts in the field.

“I have been working for THINQ Technologies for several years now, beginning with a customer service and administration role and eventually transitioning to the marketing department where I was offered a position as a Digital Media Manager. By combining my background in technology and also my education in journalism, I was able to introduce a position to the company that would help them transform digitally. I have always been passionate about technology, and the future of where products, trends and new ideas are going, and being able to write about these concepts while also applying a marketing and social media element was something I was very interested in introducing to the company,” stated Bruzas.

What makes THINQ Technologies a particularly unique employment opportunity for someone like Bruzas is the challenge that accompanies selling top level executives and professionals on the value and importance of digital media and content production in today’s society. Whilst most companies have already jumped on board, that has not always been the case and it takes individuals like Bruzas to pioneer these concepts and to convince others about the benefits of their use. Fortunately, Bruzas professional candor and understanding of online consumer markets made her a perfect match for the task at hand and allowed her to help the company’s marketing departments understand how the system works and how it would be essential for their company’s use. In return, she enjoyed learning about different business models, events, trends, and backgrounds surrounding prestigious tech companies such as Lenovo, Hewlitt Packard, Microsoft, and D-Link.

“Ashley continues to play a vital role in our company as she maintains a position that covers many of the skills that businesses are working towards or strive for within their employee and enterprise structure. Her knowledge of digital writing, social media and content production is vast and she adapts quickly to the constant changes within the SMB technology industry. Not only does she work well independently and work to deadline, but she has also displayed the ability to go above and beyond when it comes to organizing content, and diffusing it in a way that many others can learn from. Because of her background, she is able to manage all aspects of projects from the initial pitch, to photos, videos, interviews, and event and product coverage and review, which allows us to push original content that attracts consumers and partners to working with THINQ,” told Bill King, General Manager and Vice President of Sales, THINQ Technologies.

Knowing that THINQ Technologies is a stronger company as a result of Bruzas’ contributions is extremely satisfying for the Canadian influencer. Being able to work with individuals who understand her drive and determination to expand the presence of technology in the consumer market is refreshing and she enjoys aiding companies along the transition toward digital transformation and understanding the importance of making full use of tools and technologies that are readily accessible and available to mass audiences. For other men and women aspiring to gain the type of success that she has seen so far in her career, Bruzas has the following advice to offer:

“Write a lot. Everyday. Take photos of everything and if you attend an event or meet someone interesting, or interview a source for a story, always get their contact information. Following up with people is a great way to build a relationship that can last a lifetime and you never know when you might need to contact someone about something that might be relevant and valuable to a story. If you are passionate about something, try to learn as much as you can about the subject and somebody somewhere will be interested in learning more about it.”

Photo by Victor Chadarov

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