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Organic Monte Due Torri Wine Creates Sensation Among California Connoisseurs

2017 has been a momentous year for Southern California’s wine lovers. The recent arrival of one of Italian wine’s brightest stars, Monte Due Torri has aroused the senses of many gourmands with its sublime flavors. The renowned organic winemaker from Lazio, the central region of Italy 17 miles outside Rome, is steeped in the discriminating tradition of the great Roman civilization, and every bottle produced is deeply informed not only with ancient craftsmanship but also the passion and involvement which the Amici family has poured into their wine for generations

The introduction of this unsurpassed wine has been spearheaded by shrewd Italian entrepreneur Emanuele Ponzo, the Rome-born co-founder of Los Angeles' famed Crateful Catering, a luxury brand serving upscale clientele the very finest in elegant food and wine pairing. “We have served so many wonderful dishes and fine wines at our events,” Ponzo said. “But the Monte Due Torri, particularly their Petit Verdot, a delicious wine in the Bordeaux style, has been remarkably well received. The clients love it.”

Monte Due Torri has enjoyed an incredible rise to prominence over the past six decades. From its storybook origin, the dream of a passionate, visionary husband and wife team in the late 1950s, the company became an internationally acclaimed wine brand, and their 45 acre estate today boasts a modern, state of the art wine-making facility, world-class organic restaurant, fields of olives, grain and vegetables, all painstakingly raised in a traditional manner that earned the company Italy’s official Organic Production certification in 2012.

Pictured (l-r): Crateful CEO-Founder Emanuele Ponzo, actor Tyler Ritter, Angeleno magazine publisher Christopher Giananella

Now that Monte Due Torri has landed in the US, particularly on Los Angeles’ demanding fine dining scene, the results—not surprisingly—have been dramatic. Since its initial pours at Crateful events, their popular Petit Verdot wine has become wildly popular and been increasingly featured on the companies tables. Serving such famed clients as Ferrari, Tesla, Cavalli, Pirelli, McLaren, Crateful’s customers have highly developed, sophisticated pallets and will accept expect nothing less than the finest fare and drink. Ponzo confidently introduced the organic red at a number of local gatherings where the LA crowd took great pleasure in tasting it.

No matter how exclusive the setting, people love the Petit Verdot Monte Due Torri. Better still, paired with Crateful’s inspired menus—which always showcase the top quality ingredients—the harmonious tastes are sublime. Crateful’s’ close relationship with Urbani Truffles, the prestigious, internationally famed truffle company, plays a key role in complementing the delightful Monte Du Torri wines. Together, Ponzo, Urbani, Crateful and Monte Due Torri have conspired to ensure a glorious launch for the wine,


Curated by a number of esteemed professional sommeliers, Crateful ensured that the wine’s debut at an exclusive Christmas party in Marina del Rey’s exclusive Azzurra Luxury Condo was a success. Paired with a number of incredible Crateful creations, mini chicken salad on Endive, wild mushroom manchego torta rustica and their amazing Angus beef sliders, the diners were thrilled. Crateful next featured Monte Due Torri at the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce’s annual Members-only Christmas Party, where it gained immense popularity among the very attentive palates of local professionals.

Pictured (l-r): Crateful CEO-Founder Emanuele Ponzo, Beverly Hill Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Todd Johnson, Hilton & Hyland Executive VP Charles L. Black III

Monte Due Torri was also poured at the Association of Celebrities Personal Assistants annual gala, where it ideally accompanied the delectable selection of Crateful’s Italian dishes, particularly their amazing live Urbani Truffle risotto station, a pairing so thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd that it quickly became the dominant subject of conversation. The wine was also a perfect match with Burrata and Urbani Truffle Bruschetta at the Hollywood’s famed W Hotel’s Luxury Penthouse, where a team of real estate professionals, gathered for a property showing, were equally taken by the Petit Verdot’s irresistible quality.`

Monte Due Torri’s partnership with Crateful, a company already acclaimed by the business and Hollywood entertainment worlds alike for its masterly use of high-end foods prepared with prime ingredients, has made significant impact in a very short span of time. Despite being such a recent entrant on California’s burgeoning wine scene, this remarkable organic wine is certain to continue steadily increasing in fame and popularity.

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