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More Than Just A Pretty Face, Multi-Talented Actress Yamila Saud to Star in “El Encanto”

Argentinian film, TV and fashion alike lovers will immediately recognize actress Yamila Saud, an Argentinian native who grew up in Cordoba, the country’s capital, and has since made a name for herself as a sought after actress and model. Though Saud has achieved national recognition for her work as a model having been featured in countless print ads over the years thanks to her undeniable beauty, such as those for leading Latin American cosmetics company TSU Cosmeticos and the popular show company Sarkany by Ricky Sarkany, she is far more than just another pretty face.

Over the few years Yamila Saud has proven herself to be a diversely talented actress through the plethora of on screen performances she’s give to date, which reveal her as a thoughtful and emotionally engaging performer capable of taking on a wide range of roles.

Some of the projects that have put her on the map in Argentina, as well as internationally, include the multi-layered (and for many, hard to swallow) feature film “Hypersomnia,” as well as hit Argentinian series such as “Farsantes” with two-time Clarin Award winner Julio Chávez (“El Custodio,” “El Otro”), “Condicionados” (aka “Conditions”) with Oscar Martínez (“Wild Tales,” “The Distinguished Citizen”), who earned three Academy Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina, and the Tato Award winning romantic drama series “Solamente Vos” (aka “Only You”) with Silver Condor Award winner Adrián Suar (“Las Estrellas,” “Soy Luna”).

The fact that Saud has been tapped to guest star on multiple award-winning series such as “Farsantes,” which earned four Premios Martín Fierro Award, the most prestigious award given in the Argentinian radio and television industry, and “Condicionados,” which earned a Premios Martín Fierro Award in 2012, speaks to the caliber of her work and her overwhelming appeal on screen.

Yamila Saud

“For me acting is pure movement, it is an impulse within me that wants to create, exist and grow...There are so many things about acting that fill my heart... I love living in the character... When I’m on stage I love feeling the energy of the audience and being connected to them,” explains Saud.

“When I was a child in my grandmother's house I always watched movies and just wanted to be in the story... When I read a script with a great story, I am so excited to be able to create the character within it… To act is to live.”

Last year Saud, who began acting as a child at home in Argentina, landed the starring role of Lara in the highly anticipated upcoming romantic comedy film “El Encanto” (aka “The Charm”). Written and directed by Juan Sasiaín (“Choele”) and Ezequiel Tronconi (“Veredas,” “Congreso”), who previously collaborated on the film “La Tigra, Chaco” for which they were nominated for an Argentinian Academy Award, “El Encanto” centers on the many struggles, changes and pressing life decisions that accompany turning 30 in the modern age.

Following Bruno, played by “El Encanto” co-writer/director Ezequiel Tronconi, the story centers on the evolution of Bruno’s marriage with successful television host Juliana, played by Silver Condor and Premios Martín Fierro Award winning actress Mónica Antonópulos (“La Leona,” “The One,” “Son de Fierro”), and the way the life they’ve built together becomes threatened by their individual desires, especially when faced with temptation.

While Juliana longs to be a mother, Bruno continually postpones the idea saying ‘it’s just too soon.’ However once Saud’s character Lara comes into the picture, it turns out that it may be more than just timing holding Bruno back from taking the plunge into fatherhood.

The antagonist of the film, Saud’s character Lara dashes into the story with beauty, charisma and magnetism and immediately throws Bruno through a loop, one that may lead him to cheat on his wife or even worse, leave her behind altogether. Saud says, “Bruno reacts to my character in a way that makes him begin to realize what he really wants.”

Primarily shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina “El Encanto,” which is due out in 2018 is produced by Cineworld, Vaimbora and Benteveo.

In an article featured by LatAm cinema earlier this year, “El Encanto” producer Diego Corsini explained, "It's a story of growth and maturation. It is reflecting in a poetic and sincere way that the stage in which one still does not realize that he has grown and is an adult… he wants to continue holding onto past adolescence."

In the upcoming film Saud also stars alongside Clarin Award nominee Michel Noher (“Felicitas,” “And Soon The Darkness,” “My Lovely Hope”), Argentinian Academy Award nominees Andrea Frigerio (“The Chairwoman,” “Sweethearts”) and Boy Olmi (“Sangre del Pacifico,” “Rebel’s Way,” “Aliados”).

To audiences who’ve had the chance to see Saud in the recent film “Hypersomnia,” or any of her past work for that matter, it will come as no surprise that she’s been cast to star in “El Encanto” alongside so many other celebrated Argentinian actors. She has a unique way of pulling viewers into a story, and that is assuredly a draw factor that will pull audiences to the box office upon the release of “El Encanto. ”

“[Yamila] is bright in front of the camera, and she added a freshness to the character… She is one of those people who knows a lot but is always willing to continue learning because they have no roof,” says Corsini. “I believe that there are two types of people that can reach success, the very talented and the very hardworking. The first ones find it easy to achieve things but they find it hard to organize and have a work routine. The second are more difficult but with much effort they can achieve their goals too. Yamila has the quality of a star because she meets both conditions, she is talented and hardworking.”

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