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Being seen by the pubic in one’s undergarments ranks extremely high on the fear scale for almost all of us. For Alana Tapigliani it’s a fairly common occurrence. The Brazilian model has a diverse career representing internationally recognized names like Patricia Bonaldi, Korres, and Valisere lingerie. The mindset of a model is one which portrays confidence even in scenarios as compromising as stages of undress; it’s not an uncommon situation for Tapigliani to find herself in. It’s a requirement of Alana’s job that she appear always at ease. With certainty, her experience with Valisere is one that most of us would immediately reject because, in spite of the incredible designs…it’s takes a talented and secure individual to simultaneously appease the public, a company as highly regarded as Valisere, and themselves.

Valisere was as excited to work with Alana as she was to work with them. She was chosen from more than fifty models vying to represent the line. The brand communicates a femininity and strength which appeals to women across nearly all cultures and sensibilities. The power and both inner and outer beauty they wanted to communicate they found ideally present in Tapigliani. The desire was to make all women connect with the designs whether they are inclined towards the modern or classic aesthetic. Valisere believes that every woman deserves to feel pretty and powerful. Working with a company with these ideals increased the model’s benevolent feelings regarding the company’s goals. She confirms, “Sometimes I have to play like an actor for some brands that are not my style, almost like pretending I’m doing something to make the photos work for the photographer and the client but with Valisere I was just being myself. You can tell the photos are all with natural expression as I truly enjoyed the experience. I was wearing a lingerie body suit for the shoot and I felt comfortable in this beautiful piece. It made me feel so powerful, sexy, and comfortable doing my job…I couldn’t help but think that it would surely make other women feel the same.”

Valisere makes a great product but the environment for the shoot was made comfortable for Alana as a result of the trio of photographer, a familiar setting, and self-belief. Photographer Henrique Cesar works often with the top models in Brazil. His talent and demeanor on this shoot for Valisere instantly set a positive and welcoming tone for the photo session. Tapigliani confirms that Cesar’s abilities to make everyone around him feel relaxed were completely intuitive, as if knowing him for years. As a native of Brazil, she was happy that the shoot took place in Sao Paulo. While it’s exciting to travel to interesting places, being back home gives an undeniable sense of comfort. Sao Paulo is similar to New York City’s energy and excitement; it’s a familiar feeling that added to Alana’s comfort during the shoot. The most important factor for Tapigliani’s work on this campaign is likely a statement that could serve as a motto for Valisere itself as she states, “In my experience, the most important thing in doing a lingerie shoot is being comfortable with yourself. You have to feel confident and love the body that you have. Without this there is no way for the photos to receive the proper sense of emotion. I think this same feeling can transfer to the women who see the photos. They should love themselves and their own bodies. A confident woman is a beautiful and sexy woman.”

Valisere is a classic and well-known lingerie name in Brazil. The most famous and iconic models of the country worked with the brand and Alana’s inclusion in this lineage places her among them. Through the decades the notion of what is sexy in terms of body type evolves but the evergreen trait is a woman who knows herself and communicates her inner beauty to the outside world. There’s no denying Tapigliani is experiencing a moment in her career which hoists her into a position of prominence in the modeling world. It’s also evident in her work with Valisere (and others) that her self-value injects an appeal that is more than skin deep. For Alana Tapigliani the greatest asset a model can possess and contribute to those she works with is a sense of inner strength which others can borrow in their own lives.

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