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Emanating from the Inside Out, Model Alice Phillips’ Vibrant Energy Reflects in Photos

Alice Phillips shot by Johnny Cinematic

While it can be difficult to pinpoint, within the most beautiful images there is often an ethereal quality-- a delicate energy that seems to have the power to transport viewers to another dimension. Whether it be through the otherworldly beauty of the model, or the composition and lighting set by the photographer, or a quick shot that happens to be taken at the right place at just the right time, some images have the unique ability to make us feel something on an emotional level.

One model who is gifted with an exuberant and powerful energy is the UK’s Alice Phillips. In recent years Phillips has been tapped to shoot for famed photographers such as Bjoern Kommerell, Johnny Cinematic (who took the photo above), and many more. Early on in her career Phillips’ natural beauty caught the attention of popular UK artist DJ Bluey, who flew her to St. Tropez and Nice, France to shoot images to be used in press releases and on his website.

“DJ Bluey’s shoot was more of a sexy moody shoot as he was changing his image at the time,” recalls Phillips.

One of the elements of Alice Phillips’ aesthetic appeal is how dynamic she is on camera. She can embody the angelic sweetness of the girl next door in one photo and the seductive nature of blonde vixen in the next. This natural adaptability, a powerful gift that has undoubtedly helped to propel her career forward, has meant that she is able to shoot for a pretty broad range of clients and brands who market to very different audiences.

Earlier this year Phillips was chosen out of a large group of hopeful models to shoot for well-known women’s clothing supplier New Yorker’s Apparel. With her photos being featured in their stores, on billboards and on their website, Phillips has quickly become a known face in the U.S. fashion industry. In the photos for New Yorker’s Apparel Phillips easily the look of a classy woman ready for a night on the town in a series of photos with her wearing some of the company’s most fashionable evening wear.

New Yorker’s Apparel partner Michael Sadigh says, “Alice brings light in what she does. I have worked with a lot of models, unlike Alice some just don’t have the ‘IT’ factor. Alice took control of the camera and made it her own!”

Some of the other women’s clothing companies that, like Michael Sadigh, have recognized Phillips’ ‘it’ factor and sought her out to model their designs for the public eye include the well-known Goals Boutique, and Shop Shift, both of which featured images of Phillips on their websites and in social media in order to spur interest in their new collections.

While Phillips was blessed with natural beauty and makes a strong impression on the camera, like any successful model, she also has the kind of body that most people dream to have. Though she is slender and fit, the fact that she is not rail thin has been a major plus in her career, especially when it comes to modelling for swimwear companies. Last year Phillips was approached by popular swimwear company Elizabeth Jane to model their summer 2017 collection. Shot by Sarah Volland, Phillips looked stunning modeling the Elizabeth Jane swimwear collection on the beach with waves crashing behind and on the top of cliffs overlooking the water. With her long blonde hair flowing in the wind, her natural beauty lights up the photos, which are featured on the company’s website, social media accounts, as well as in several stores such as Macy’s.

Elizabeth Jane owner and designer Justin Jones says, “I found Alice online, I saw a picture of her and straight away I knew I wanted her to work for my company, her look was perfect. We had Alice shoot for our summer collection. We first had Alice shoot in January in the ocean, so you can imagine how cold that was. Alice didn’t complain once and she still managed to look effortlessly beautiful.”

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