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WASHINGTON D.C. Livi Zheng along with Sri Mulyani (Managing Director of the World Bank Group [2010-2016] and current Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia) spoke at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the World Bank Group and the IMF Global Media Gathering held at World Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, October 12, 2017. They addressed the body concerning Indonesia’s hosting of the 2018 Annual meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The meeting will welcome 15,000 attendees from 189 countries, taking place in Nasa Dua, Bali.

Minister Mulyani communicated that next year’s meeting will focus on global financial stability and development issues including: poverty reduction, shared prosperity, health issues, employment opportunities in the digital economy, related taxation issues, and how Indonesia will prepare for the evolving business model. The Minister remarked that he looks forward to showcasing Indonesia’s progress in economic achievement and progress in facilitating the ease of doing business in Indonesia.

Livi Zheng, Indonesia’s film director in Hollywood, shared that Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands and more than 300 ethnicity groups. Livi stated that even though she was born and raised in Indonesia, the land and its people continually amaze her. Zheng confirmed that there is always something new to discover about her home country of Indonesia.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, with great cultural diversity and abundant natural resources. Livi spoke of Indonesia’s official national motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” which means “Unity In Diversity.” Livi thinks that Bali is exceptional, not only because of its renowned beauty but also because the Balinese are very friendly and quick to embrace tourists who come to visit. Livi shared that she visited Bali in her youth and there were many Australian tourists, resulting in the Balinese people learning English. Several years later, when Livi visited Bali again, the abundance of Japanese tourist had the same effect. As China has chosen Bali as a favorite destination, so the Balinese have learned Mandarin. The Balinese are very welcoming to everyone, regardless of background and nationality.

Recently Livi directed a feature film in Bali, entitled Bali: Beats of Paradise. The film is scheduled for a 2018 theatrical release in US cinemas. During the shooting of the film, Livi and her film crew spent a few weeks in Bali with the local people. Travelling around Bali, they captured the beautiful scenery Bali is famous for. Most importantly, they learned how central culture and traditions are in everyday life for the inhabitants. The Balinese treat each day as a celebration. The Balinese giving offerings each morning to celebrate life. Livi communicates that for Balinese, music and art are part of life. In Balinese life there are several important celebrations such as your birthday, adulthood, marriage, and even when one passes away. Beyond those central ceremonies there are numerous other ceremonies which one encounters almost daily when travelling around Bali. Balinese ceremonies are festive and are always accompanied by gamelan, the traditional Balinese music. Balinese gamelan was used in the film Avatar directed by James Cameron.

Art is the soul of Balinese culture. Livi welcomes all participants of the 2018 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the IMF to stay a few days, or a few weeks, longer in Bali and Indonesia to explore the wonders of her home country.

Coordinating Minister for the Martime Affairs Luhut Pandjaitan, also spoke during the Global Media Gathering. He spoke about Indonesia’s preparations for next year’s annual meeting. From accommodations to security are well underway.

The Governor of Bank Indonesia Agus Martowardojo remarks “It is no exaggeration to say that the world is coming to Indonesia.”

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