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Content - whether it be advertisement, entertainment, education, or a variety of other uses, is in a state of flux. Traditional forms are not obsolete but the terrain has expanded and niches previously unexplored are shifting dramatically. The process is akin to when early geographic explorers discovered paths to New World. Web-based content is as prominent as its predecessor, and technology has enabled smaller more nimble content creators to expand the entire ecosystem. Sundays (aka Made by Sundays) is a Canadian production company headed by Reuven Ashtar (content producer/talent manager) and Zach Hertzman (photographer, producer, and creative director) which has planted its flag prominently in this exponentially increasing new arena. Sundays focuses on new media presentations for campaigns by eclectic clients like Roots, Canon, Knix, Marshalls, and many more. Ashtar and Hertzman both began their careers in traditional media but their astute recognition of the future has solidified the success of Sundays.

Sundays doesn’t dispute the charm of arguably antiquated non-digital sensibilities of analog, in fact, it often embraces what makes it special. Sundays chooses to blend an emotional inference into the modern age when called upon. It sees this transition in media of the past few years as a strength because it allows for seemingly different perspectives by clients, creators, and the public. The situation presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Ashtar explains, “Technology is constantly evolving and providing us with more ways to connect. I’m always on the lookout for what is around the next corner, while not losing sight of what is in the present. As a talent manager and content producer, I am alive in both the present and the future, and seek to integrate both.” Zach adds, “There is so much technology and saturation our there; editing software has allowed for so much photographic and digital content that it’s become harder both for brands and individuals to stand out. The role of Sundays is to find a way to shine the spotlight on these entities in a unique way. In current day, there are so many possible ways to do that…it requires the technical know-how but also a creative vision, which is where the fun lies for us.”

One highly successful international campaign by Sundays was the 2017 Fall campaign for one of the largest clothing companies in Canada, Roots. A staple in Canadian culture and fashion since 1973, Roots completely rebooted their website and introduced their e-commerce platform. To complement this update, they enlisted Sundays to create a modern aesthetic that would still embrace the outdoorsy essence of the brand identity. In addition to the “Out in the Open” campaign becoming the face of the new website, much of this imagery was used for fashion show events and other prominent spaces. Presented in Canada, the U.S., and Asia, the campaign was successfully able to take traditional Canadian motifs and make them relatable to a variety of cultures.

In stark contrast (and true to its eclectic perspective), Sundays used Red digital cinema cameras to create a series of videos for Knixwear, a top women’s underwear company. The productions consisted of six quirky scenarios featuring real women who use Knix products. Shot in one day, the vibe was upbeat, minimal, and fun. It proved highly successful in enabling Knix consumers to see themselves in a positive light without the need to possess a seemingly unattainable body type. It’s this type of production which represents one of the most unique aspects of Sundays. The company has all of the talent and credentials required to excel along the most qualified production companies but it’s the progressive ideology that truly sets them apart. Sundays is able to bridge the traditional and the modern by synthesizing the two in the DNA of their work. Its creations feel at home on a website, an Instagram video, on YouTube, or a network TV spot. By not conforming to the status quo, Sundays has a voice that is appealing everywhere.

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