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Who is a celebrity to celebrities? Of course there are the iconic names that supersede time, cultural, and even mediums of presentation; the names that are globally lauded and adored. Beyond this, it’s often the talented individuals who help these celebrities propel their career and exhibit their abilities. The saying goes, “Talent recognizes talent.” Hair stylist Lauren Mackellar was nominated as one of the Top 5 Celebrity Hairstylist's in Australia 2017. This title infers that not only does the culture which follows celebrities appreciate Mackellar’s work but so do the celebs themselves. For years now Lauren has worked with a number of different notable actors and actresses on some of Australian TV’s most popular programs and celebrated events. Famous or not, style is about finding what appeals to the individual’s feelings about themselves and how they would like to be presented. Sensibilities and taste is paramount. Mavournee Hazel is the Australian actress famous across the country for her role as Piper Willis in the massively successful TV series “Neighbours.” Hazel has a huge fan base both in Australia and overseas and is well known for her eclectic style; regularly working with Dior, YSL and Melbourne Fashion Week. She was named as Best Dressed at the Australian TV Week Logie Awards. Mavournee’s daring style has found its counterpoint in Mackellar, resulting in the duo working together numerous times. The two first became acquainted while working on “Neighbours” when a style makeover was implemented for Hazel’s character. The results were so appreciated by the actress that she began enlisting Lauren to work with her on major fashion and social events like the Dior Gala and the Logies.

The essence of Mackellar’s role is to find a style that is appropriate for the event being attended while still making the individual she is working with feel at ease. She remarks, “I prefer hair when it doesn't look over-worked. Even if there's a lot of technique involved in the style I'm doing I always try to make it appear as if it was done easily. If I'm doing a sleek tight hairstyle it still needs to look like it’s not overly complicated or forced; that could mean making sure it's not over-pinned or that the angles and direction of the style is flattering and that they flow naturally. The best way I can describe this is by when your hands are tense, your work is more likely to look forced. So even in a high pressure situation it's really important to stay cool calm and collected, no matter what.” As proof of the ease that she communicates in her styling as well as inspires in those she works with, Mavournee professes, “Lauren made me feel so chill before my first ever big red carpet, and I ended up being recognized for Best Dressed 2017. The entire look came together so well; I honestly couldn't have pulled that off without her! Lauren gets my hair like nobody else. I'd never colored my hair...EVER before seeing her. To be honest, now I wouldn't go to anyone else. She's not afraid to try different things when it comes to styling for my events and red carpets, which is important to me because I'm constantly switching my looks between street style to an androgynous vibe and I don't want to feel boring!

I look at Lauren as being so fashion-forward and she really shows that in her styling. I'm always confident with her ideas and styling because she's consistently making beautiful runway-inspired looks.”

The recent Dior Gala that Hazel attended was the first time the event had been held in Melbourne. The excitement preceding the event coupled with Mavournee’s edgy sensibilities inspired Lauren to come up with a style that would push the boundaries beyond the typically expected in Australia. For the Dior Gala Mackellar derived inspiration from a recent runway look with a creation that was sleek and high with a wet-look top knot and slicked down baby hair detailing at the hairline. The hair was sprayed all over with a product that gives the appearance of being wet even though it actually dries quite firm. This gives the hair texture a sleeker look than hair when it's dry. Definition was given to specific areas like the front hairline, where Lauren separated some of the baby hairs and slicked them down to frame the face instead of it being all pulled back and severe. The top knot was simply wrapped into a simple bun at the top of the crown. Though this look took a fair amount of preening, Olympia's hair was very fun and appeared almost effortless, as if she had twisted it up into a low, textured knot herself.

Lauren doesn’t often attend major events like the Dior Gala. Her work is often extensive working up until the last minute to account for any recent changes in apparel (which the hairstyle must complement) and achieving the perfect look. It’s a task that can be draining. Often, she takes a photo of her creation, enjoys a celebratory “well done” drink and heads home to watch the red carpet/news coverage from the comfort of her own home. This has become her ritual. She notes, “My job can be high pressure and stressful at times but the thing that makes it worthwhile are when at the end of the day is when I feel I've executed great work and had a great relationship with my client, especially when we've taken a big risk and created something really different and unexpected. It makes all of the preparation and work worthwhile. I think the most rewarding thing was hearing Mav say it was her favorite hairstyle that she's ever had. That’s what I want, for those I work with to feel great about themselves. It’s hard to get that kind of attention and be under that scrutiny. I feel that my job is to give them some armor when they are out there. Mav and I expected the hairstyle to stand out and were prepared to hear mixed reviews. The look suited Mav so well and we were both so happy with how it came together that we weren't really that bothered if it did divide people. As it happens, only two days later when Mav had an interstate photoshoot, the hairstylist working on her hair was so inspired by the Dior Gala look that it was copied for a nationwide editorial. That is a compliment.”

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