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Fashion and modeling often take immense criticism for what’s commonly referred to as an unattainable and unhealthy image for both men and women. Despite your side of that argument, it’s important to remember that this is not an industry wide scenario. Canadian Randi Kennedy is a fitness model, fitness enthusiast, and social media influencer who is by no person’s standard waifish. Witnessing her during her workout or even simply viewing her various social media accounts displays the physique of a woman who is focused on health, challenging her own physical limits, and positively communicating her views on well-being. Live Fit Apparel CEO Randall Pich noticed her as someone of natural beauty who was focused on pursuing a happy and healthy lifestyle for herself; one that would attract others who desired the same as well as would communicate the attitude of his clothing line. Located in Huntington Beach California, the most obvious athlete/model for his clothing line may not have been a Canadian but when fate brings the perfect person to you, you don’t question fate. Kennedy’s association with LVFT (Live Fit apparel) has been so mutually beneficial in great part because both this social media influencer/fitness mode/motivator and the company vibrate at the same frequency.

It’s a telling fact of the modern business world that when Kennedy first met LVFT CEO Randall Pich at a fitness convention in 2014, they were both aware of each other through their notoriety on social media. After mutual admiration was communicated, in 2015 Randall reached out to Randi to enlist her as an ambassador. The subsequent photo shoot and meeting when so well that Pich immediately offered her a position as a sponsored athlete with LVFT, a virtually unheard of quick decision on the part of this CEO. Randall confirms, “LVFT receives literally hundreds of resumes each week with qualified individuals requesting to become a representative of the company. There are so many professionals in the industry currently but Randi Kennedy immediately stood out to us. She is so much more than simply a beautiful fitness model. She has an inherent ability to impact and inspire men and women worldwide. This is very important to us at Live Fit. Yes, she’s a consummate professional and shares the same core values as we do at the company but in addition, I’ve seen her spend hours talking to those who have lined up to meet her at conventions. She has a positive impact on these people and that’s something that we share with her. Not only does Randi make us better but I believe that she makes the whole fitness industry better.”

One of the things that Kennedy feels so strongly about in her association with LVFT is there mission. Their message is “to help people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives through active lifestyles. Our brand represents a movement of empowering individuals to better themselves physically and mentally”. Randi states this motto resonates with her on many levels which is one of the main reasons she agreed to represent them, and of course the other reason is the clothes! Kennedy insists that both gym and casual apparel must meet her standards of proper fit, a great sense of style, and comfortability. Live Fit clothing is something you can wear inside and outside of the gym, at times even for dress up. They are very versatile and affordability was key to Randi’s willingness to be involved with the clothing line, as was comfort. She stipulates, “For workout clothes “the squat test” is paramount. Is it sheer when you bend down? If so, it’s a NO! The clothing needs to stay up and not ride down, I don’t want to be pulling up my pants all the time (sometimes certain seams can do this). Is the fabric comfortable or do I not like the feeling? I’m a huge texture person. Sports bras must be supportive, comfortable, something that holds the chest when you run and covers the cleavage. Shirts must be flattering, its best if they come in a tiny bit at the waist and then goes down past the belly button for full length shirts and if it’s a crop it should be just above the belly button. All of these things make the most comfortable workout clothes. At Live Fit we are able to try everything on and give our feedback which is another thing I love, because they listen!” It’s the real life accessibility with a strong performance that Randi admires about the LVFT line, which is the exact description that both the company’s CEO and Kennedy’s many social media followers would comment about her. Being a part of a booming company and how those in charge handle their customer interaction has taught more about business to Randi. It’s knowledge that she has applied to her own interactions with the public. She reveals, “I will get approached at the gym, at the mall, on the street, and there will be line ups for not only me but the entire team at meet-and-greets and fitness conventions! People tell me that I inspire them to workout, become their best self, step outside of their comfort zone, eat more vegetables (I love that one). They say that they love my YouTube videos and inspirational posts on Instagram and that they appreciate what I do. It’s such a humbling feeling and reassures me that I am on the right path in life. There is no better feeling than the feeling that you are making a positive impact on people’s lives and making a difference. It will never get old! I’m always so happy and motivated after meeting people.”

Instagram: @randikennedy_

YouTube: Randi Kennedy

Facebook: Randi Kennedy

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