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Victor Osorio: Versatile Beyond Measure

When Victor Osorio decided to pursue a career as a writer, he embraced the reality that his work would be challenging even at the best of times. Where most other writers would see a series of obstacles and hurdles on the path to a stable income, Osorio has only ever envisioned success. Over time, he has mastered the ability to seize any ounce of opportunity before him and turn it into a great piece of artistry. He knows that becoming an esteemed writer requires you to be relentless and to work tirelessly towards achieving each and every goal you set, no matter how big or small.

“Despite the fact that I have established a career as a writer, my work is not done. The challenges that you face when you are working as a writer typically deal with maintaining motivation and finding each piece of your project as you go, whether that is a single word, a sentence, a character, or an entire concept. I find that these challenges are only ever overcome through patience and strict perseverance – both of which I have. Sometimes, it takes a day or two to find that missing piece. Otherwise, it can take weeks. Either way, you always find it. In the meantime, I stay inspired by reading or watching high quality literature and films,” said Osorio.

Osorio’s will and determination have taken him far in his career. The renowned writer has showcased his talents in a number of well-known works in children’s literature, film, television, and more. In 2014, he had the distinct pleasure of seeing the inner workings of his mind come to life before his eyes when he saw the children’s book that he wrote, Cosas Que Nadie Sabe (translated in English as Things Nobody Knows), placed on book shelves in stores across Spain. He is also well-versed in writing comics, having written a fun, creative comic feature called Alienados for one of the longest running child and teen magazines in Spain. Additionally, he has been the mastermind behind award-winning web series, television commercials, and more.

Beyond his hard work and determination, there is one quality that differentiates Osorio from his competitors: he is versatile beyond measure. He does not limit himself to a single medium or genre, but rather allows himself to transform his creativity to exceed the demands of any new project he sets his sights on. For Osorio, writing is not about restricting yourself to what you think you’re good at. It’s about being good at adapting your skill set to the task at hand. For instance, when he was approached about the possibility of writing a technical piece for the consultation company, Ceinsa, he eagerly accepted the opportunity.

Osorio’s position working for Ceinsa required him to write a user manual for their in-house software application to be distributed to their clients when delivering their consulting services. In this role, Osorio was responsible for learning how the application, Ceinsa Expert, worked and to document the function of each and every button or feature that the application offered. Upon mastering the use of the application, Osorio then had to write straight-forward, general instructions on how to use the application as a client. The talented writer was inspired to do more than simply explain the uses of the application. He wanted to do so in such a way that clients felt comfortable using the software and satisfied with their experience. The seemingly daunting task motivated Osorio to use his writing skills in order to break down comprehensive processes into more user-friendly terms. He was able to use his creative insight in a way he hadn’t before and he enjoyed the complex nature of the task.

“Writing the manual for their application was different from any other project that I’ve ever done. A large part of the process is a mechanic exercise of simply learning how to navigate the software; however, there is an entirely different, unique aspect that required me to find the best way to explain something clearly and concisely without eliminating any of the important details. I, along with Ceinsa, wanted the clients to get the best possible results from their investment and I was dedicated to ensuring that I did everything possible to ensure that they would,” recalled Osorio.

Since this project required Osorio to test his skill set against a new audience, he was unsure of how Ceinsa’s clients would receive his work. Fortunately, Osorio is laced with success, and when he sets his mind toward achieving a goal, he is used to exceeding it. Ceinsa’s clients were extremely impressed with the user manual and felt it helped them to use the application to its fullest without difficulty. Unsurprisingly, a happy customer means a happy company. Ceinsa’s CEO, Josep Capell, shared his clients’ enthusiasm with Osorio’s work.

“Victor is a team player and a hard worker. His talents are remarkable and his focus on achieving excellent results is unparalleled. He brings a certain edge to his work and his ability to embrace new concepts is inspiring,” told Capell.

With the help of Osorio’s profound abilities, Ceisa were able to provide their user manual to major companies like Pioneer, Volkswagen, Kellogg’s, and many more with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Osorio, on the other hand, was able to add a new distinction to his vast amount of experience. Despite his preference for creative writing, he is confident in his ability to modify his style to any task at hand. For the remainder of his career, he hopes to allow his imagination to soar for the better of the entertainment industry. He is currently working on an original concept for a feature length film, as well as a television pilot. He is also wrapping up his second children’s book. He is passionate about his work and he has an abundance of ideas flowing through his head at any given time. Above all else, he enjoys the sense of fulfillment that he gets from his career as a writer and he will continue to do so for the rest of his life.

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